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Wearables – The Holy Grail for Frequent Travelers


Travelling frequently can be quite a hassle. Think of double and triple checking tickets and all sorts of travel related documents, remembering details of flight or other transportation, searching for accommodation at the last minute or getting lost in a foreign location and everything in between. Situations like a missed flight, a wrong gate and stolen/lost luggage further add to the list of never-ending woes.

Some of these situations can’t be helped. But the others are going to change for the better with wearables, the latest mobile devices that are loaded with innovative features and functionalities.

Starting from Fitness Trackers, Google Glasses and smartwatches like Android Wear, Apple Watch and Pebble Time, wearables have come a long way. Although they still depend on a smartphone and Bluetooth connection to function, these wearables still offer a plethora of options to users who frequently travel in and out of the country. Say for example, with wearables in tow, you can view reservation details, store your personal information including emergency contacts and medical data, scan QR codes and Bar codes, check in/check out of your hotel, get information about best eateries, view time zones, get language assistance, carry out currency conversions, use Map and GPS, Book a cab etc. without losing time.


What are the benefits of using wearables on the go?

As compared to smartphones and tablets, wearables have a small screen real estate. And with limited hardware features, the kind of interaction offered by these devices are completely different. For instance, you need to use voice command most of the time to complete tasks, have limited options or call to action per screen and get vibration alerts for new notifications. So, shouldn’t this raise concerns for using travel apps efficiently? The answer is NO. Let us take a look at the following pointers, which will explain why.

  • Minimum distractions – The tiny screens of wearables are both boon and bane for users. On one hand, you can’t carry out too many interactions or view a lot of information at a time. On the other hand, you can view important information on the screen at a glance, without taking out your smartphone or tablet.
  • Plethora of apps – There are numerous travel apps already available for smartwatches such as those for Android Wear and Apple Watch, with many more apps still in the pipeline. This gives you the freedom to select apps which offer the best functionalities relevant to your requirements. Additionally, there are many entertainment apps for wearables, which help you bide your time waiting to catch a flight or train and this is what makes them an ideal travel companion.
  • Payments made easy – Mobile payment services are going to gain momentum in the near future with NFC-enabled technology like Apple Pay and Android Pay. This will allow travelers to make seamless transactions without currency exchange or the need to carry debit/credit cards. This means that even if you happen to lose your wallet on foreign shores, you will not be completely ‘broke’!

All these benefits and the scope for future enhancements make wearables a trusted travel accessory or rather, the holy grail for frequent travelers. Do you agree with the viewpoint? Share your insights with us via your comments.

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Ann Lewis is a content marketer at MoveoApps, an iPad app development company. She is a true believer in making the digital world accessible to all and covers latest technology, marketing & industry trends. She has an unending passion for learning and loves to explore new stuff.

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