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3 Personalization Techniques to Drive Mobile App Engagement

Do you want to improve the engagement of your app? Here’re 3 proven personalization techniques that will surely help you to boost engagement of your mobile app.

Almost every person likes to feel special and get personalized attention, right? Whether we are visiting any restaurant, party, or any other place, we do like it when we get special attention from the hotel manager and party hostess.

It might be the nature of users. We all love personalization when it comes to buying products or services. Talking about personalization, it is the process of making users feel special because the users of the service or product are also humans. Therefore, they like the service or product that makes them feel special.

So, this same applies to iPhone app users as well; they do like it when the application makes them feel special. Special in terms of sending reminders, notifications, selected newsletters, customized in-app messages, onboarding and interfaces. In short, iPhone app users like everything personalized in their apps.

In fact, personalization is the main key in mobile apps because the competition is too fierce already with 2.45million applications on the Play Store. So, personalization plays an important role, getting engaged users, buyers or customers.

Here’re some of the important things that can be done to drive mobile app engagement using personalization in the right manner. These personalization techniques are applied by various iPhone app development companies to improve personalize of iPhone apps.

1. Listen to Your Users’ Problem & Provide Solution

In order to be personalized with your app users, you must listen to their problems like what are the problems they face while using the app, what they want and expect from your application and more.

Users do like it when someone listens to their problems and respond appropriately to their problems. In fact, know your users’ interests and preferences and accordingly plan for the solutions. If once you lose your iPhone user, the chances are high that he/she will never come back to your app.

Moreover, there are many tools like Flurry, Mixpanel, Appsee, Localytics and many more, allowing you to analyze your app users’ behaviour. For better understanding, connect your Android or iPhone app to your CRM and get a better understanding.

2. Communicate with Your Users When They Want

The other personalization technique that you can consider is communicated with your app users when they want and available for it. Communicating in terms of pop-ups and banners, asking to take part in surveys, sending in-app messages.

Don’t show banners, pop-ups and send in-app messages as per your time schedule, plan these things in advance and give them a genuine reason to open your application. Make sure that these different ways of communicating with your users create any value.

3. Use Reminders & Notifications

Whether you have an eCommerce app or any other type of application for your business, it is just that you send reminders and notifications to your app users.

Push notifications are considered as the best solution in this type of scenario.

These reminders can be easily personalized as per the requirement and send it to users. Make sure that notifications and updates include personalization, convincing users to take actions.

In case, if notifications are without personalization, it will drive users insane whereas one small reminder or notification that sent at the right moment can push users in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

As we all know that mobile app engagement plays a hugely important role to make your app successful. However, in this ever-growing app industry, it is quite a big deal to engage your users for long-time on regular basis. So, make sure to follow these personalization techniques that drive app engagement. Moreover, you can also try out some other techniques and share those techniques with us by commenting below.

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Nirav Shastri is a Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist at Space-O Technologies that is a leading iPhone App Development Company. With 7+ years of experience in the Information Technology industry, he prefers sharing his knowledge and experience through blogs. Apart from this, he also spends his time reading about new technology and watches motivational videos.

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