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Audience-Building Made Easy with Chatbot Messenger

Chatbot- most simplified & powerful companion of a website that represents the company to automate specific tasks by having a human-like conversation with the users and never misses out on any opportunity to interact with the customers.

A study by Gartner says that by the year 2020, 85 % of the business engagement will take place without any human interaction. Instead, there will be a use of self-service options and chatbots.

Chatbots are here to stay for a long time. Powered by artificial intelligence – chatbots that integrate on various platforms for providing personalised responses ensures an improved interaction. Chatbots are getting popular with time, and some are still unaware of its benefits. When chatbots are integrated with messenger, things become comfortable & convenient. Bot integration means to link your Chabot with the messenger for creating instant interaction.

When your company’s chatbot is integrated with the chatbot messenger, there is an evident increase in the number of daily conversations with followers and customers. This is an excellent advantage of chatbot messenger

Keeping in mind, the various objectives, marketing perspective and the needs -create a chatbot that best suits your organisation by understanding the following practices.

1. Find Your Audience

Firstly, identify where your customers are. It is essential to know where your customers are present to ensure that the efforts to integrate chatbot do not go in waste. After that, you can find a chatbot platform for integrating it with a platform of your choice.

2. Identify Which Bot to Create

Once, the place of a customer is known, the next important step is to determine what will be the role of the chatbot. What will it perform? Generate leads or give information, facilitate in handling various transactions or will it be involved in the engagement? The purpose of creating and integrating chatbot should be clear in mind, it should not be built like that. Think about all the possible benefits when thinking of incorporating it.

3. Find A Chabot Platform

Times are gone when the team had to build chatbot from scratch. Today, many third-party chatbot platforms help in Facebook messenger bot development, WhatsApp, etc.

Ready-made chatbot platforms do not require coding to build a chatbot; it is based on no code low code mechanism that involves creating your own chatbot in minutes without coding or support of IT experts.

4. Make Engaging Messaging Copy

Construct a series of messages relevant to your brand that will help to draw the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. For a successful chatbot journey, engaging messages are essential. Make the copy as human-like as possible. Keep it genuine and less robot-type.

 5. Look Out for Outside Help

Chatbot needs creativity, marketing perspective and powerful back-end technology. Whenever you create a chatbot, make sure that it works exactly how you had planned. Consider enlisting chatbot firms to help whenever required for a far better performance than you had expected.

Planning to integrate a bot messenger?

Streebo’s’ Chatbot builder is a low or no code browser-based tooling that allows the organisation to implement chatbot with no AI skills to rapidly assemble chatbot solutions, wired with backend system of records such as Content Management systems, ERPs, Relational Databases and point and click interface. Streebo’s Chatbot solution is powered by IBM Digital Experience platform and supports a variety of NLP engines including IBM Watson Assistant. Solutions assembled with the chatbot builder can be deployed on-premise or on a cloud.

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