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VoIP Phone System: 5 Must-Have Features

Small businesses all around the globe resort to sophisticated communication processes to gain a competitive edge over their competitors in their respective industry, bag profits and create a positive impact in the economy. In order to gain immense benefits of the opportunities in the market, an effective communication system to enhance two-way dialogue between clients, teams, and stakeholders is a must. This is why the majority of organizations have started switching over to Business Phone Systems.

Office phone systems are one of the greatest solutions that most new companies are adopting for themselves and escalate the effectiveness of business communication. For all the international communication gaps that companies have been facing from long, the evolving face of telecommunication sector – VoIP Phone System offers all the holistic answers to your communication issues.

Virtual phone systems have gained immense growth and popularity in the last few years. In fact, research reveals that the Call Center Software user base have scaled over 1 billion users in the year 2017, which is expected to grow more over the next decade. The radical functionality and additional features that virtual number offers to benefit the organizations with assured returns and revenues makes it negligible to overlook.

In light to the rapid increase in the communication system, businesses are steadfastly implementing these new telephone systems based on voice over IP for their businesses without jolting with the financial crisis or decisions based on infrastructure requirement. As stated above, this easy to adopt technology offers a number of features beneficial for the companies.

This guide assists you to understand the top five features that you should expect from a VoIP-based Call Center Software.

Feature #1: Data Integration

Data Integration Linking is one of the must-have features for businesses. This feature assists in integrating CRM i.e. customer relationship management, sales cycle methodology, and inventory systems. It allows users to view the caller’s complete relationship history in advance, which ultimately saves time and offers productive solutions in lesser time. This incredible feature better equips a sales associate to close more deals by understanding the customer’s user history and choices.

Feature #2: Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)

Interactive voice recognition (IVR) technology supports automated directory access, directory services, and call routing. Basically, an IVR is a prerecorded voice system that assists your clients to automatically reach the right person or department with the instructed voice guidance. The IVR services in office phone systems have a high degree of accuracy and route callers to the concerned person with faster connections and fewer errors. This highly managed service leaves a positive impression on your customers.

Feature #3: Automated Call Distribution

Call centers have many calls lined up in the queues. Therefore, in order to provide faster resolution of the issues faced by the client, the auto-attendants and automated call distribution system automatically route calls to available agents. This feature is must in a busy call center environment where callers do not expect to wait beyond three rings. The system is highly effective and impressive as it reduces the waiting time for customers and routes calls to specialist technicians faster and with backup options that can offer the required help.

Feature #4: Call Routing and Call Forwarding

There are times when an agent has to connect the calls to his supervisor either on request of the client or due to issues that require his senior‘s consultation. In situations like these, the agent can use call routing and forwarding feature in his Business Phone System that connects employees in the company regardless of their position in the company. This feature instantly connects everyone and also supports forwarding of calls from the office to mobile phones in the form of voicemail, texts, and email. In fact, it eradicates the need for giving out personal mobile numbers or extensions, thus, creating a fast and secure line for business communication.

Feature #5: Audio as well as Video Conferencing

Audio and video conferencing are a vital part of every company these days. It allows multiple people to join one call and participate in it. With VoIP Phone System, video can be easily added to a voice call to enhance the face-to-face interaction. This creates trust and brings openness amongst the employees. In the case of public interaction, this improves the chances of sales and proves as another shot in the hand for boosting the productivity of the businesses.


With the versatile capacity of business VoIP, this system is capable of making or breaking an enterprise in today’s past pacing arena. This effective communication system is the best possible alternative for companies over traditional telephonic systems. In fact, good VoIP systems are not only relatively inexpensive to install due to their capabilities to run on existing networks, but the range of virtual number features are vital enhancements that truly make a difference to the bottom line.

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Working as Digital Marketing Manager at CallHippo, Kristi Allen love to share his knowledge about VoIP, Virtual Phone Systems & Cloud Technology. Kristi has reviewed software in categories including Small business, startups, and cloud telephony.

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