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Video Games We Will Be Playing in 2022

Since the year 2020, online gaming has seen a massive boom. Hence, it is needless to say that the iGaming industry has proliferated ever since. The iGaming industry has lately been pretty intertwined with fantasy gaming, or sports betting.

In this regard, Asian websites such as Vwin88 have been gaining a huge amount of popularity. The best part about Vwin88 is that its compatibility is completely dependent on the host website. However, our concentration in this article is going to be about all the games that are about to be released in the year 2022.

These are the games that are tentatively going to be released in 2022:

  • God of War: Ragnarok – PlayStation has not overpromised fans with their new release – Ragnarok in 2022. This game will be a newer twist on the Santa Monica’s God of War franchise. The plot revolves around a battle between Freya against Atreus and Kratos. There might be a possibility for Thor and other characters to make a cameo in the game as well.
  • Horizon Forbidden West – Expected to be released on the 18th of February, 2022; Horizon Forbidden West features both modern times as well as a post-apocalyptic time period in the game. The protagonist of the game goes through these time periods in order to learn more about each of these worlds while taking on combat with dangerous robots and natural forces.
  • Elden Ring – The guys at FromSoftware do know the art of sadism – so much so that they have planned to release a whole new game on January 21st. This RPG game is a collaboration between FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki and the famous author of the Song of Ice and Fire books J.R.R Martin. Hence, we can surely say that this might just be a fan favourite in the year 2022.
  • Pokemon Legends Arceus – This game is not like the other pokemon games that usually feature dual-releases. Expected to be released on the 28th of January, 2022, the Arceus is an independent game that continues in main Pokemon titles. The game openly embraces the new world of 2020s Pokemon Sword and Shield along with new elements which would surely be loved by fans.
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction – rumoured to be released in the month of January in 2022, this Ubisoft game is a little different than other simulated combat games. In this game, the players scour the underworld and the realms of humans, non-human. Here, they are supposed to form teams taking down Archaeans. The game features huge twists and promises interesting gameplay.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of games that are expected to premiere in the year 2022, however, the ones which are featured in the list are our hot takes. The extended list is up on the internet for public viewing, and players might be interested (and even excited) about a few of the releases. There are a number of new features and twists that are added to the traditional formats of gameplay, which make these games even more exciting. With that, we hope you are going to look forward to 2022 with your new gaming gear!

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