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New Technological Developments That Are Going To Change Business In 2022

Business and technology have always gone hand in hand. Every time a new development is made, the business world takes a huge leap forward. These innovations help increase productivity, bring us closer to our customer base and also improve distribution.

These new technological developments seem to come out of nowhere but are quickly adopted by businesses. This article will look at the upcoming changes in technology that you can incorporate into your business in 2022 so that you aren’t left behind.


Artificial intelligence has been a hot-button issue for many of us in the last few years. You may not realize it, but AI is already used in almost every aspect of our lives. Just look at some of the apps on your smartphone for confirmation of this.

However, AI is most effectively used in the workplace; and this is going to continue to be the case as technology moves forward. Artificial intelligence is already used to automate some key services, such as payroll and creating web copy.

AI is different from most technological advancements. This intelligent service can learn and grow by itself, which means that it is will always find and make improvements while you have it installed. Therefore, it would be wise to invest in AI now if you haven’t already.

Cloud-Based Cybersecurity

Whenever there has been a mass amount of data in one place, there has always been a need for security. Your company holds all sorts of information- from sales figures to employee pay details. It would be disastrous for your business if this data fell into the wrong hands.

That is why new security protocols are always being updated and changed. Most recently, the business community has adopted cybersecurity. This level of security is used to protect your online data from potential hackers. However, the cloud is even more secure than the software that came before.

The cloud stores all of your business data across several remote servers. This cloud network requires higher clearance to access and also updates regularly, which makes it harder for hackers to break through the security code and access your important data. It is worth looking into cloud-based security if haven’t already.

HR Software

The human resource department is fundamental for every business. HR should act as the beating heart of your business, ensuring that all staff is trained and happy in the role they are given. Unfortunately, the human mind is only capable of so much. Therefore, technology has stepped up to make the job of your HR staff a whole lot easier.

HR software includes a series of companywide databases that hold all of the information that you need to know about your staff. This includes their shift times, number of vacation days, their job role, and monitors their productivity. What’s more, this software can update this information as needed. Therefore, you can find out what each employee is working on and where they are in the company. This can save you time when looking for an individual when they aren’t even in the building.

Also, this software works both ways. This means that staff can access the software to raise queries or submit feedback. Therefore, you can easily find out where your company is lacking and swiftly resolve any issues.

Social Media

Social media has been a huge part of all of our lives in the last ten years. Most of us use this software as a social tool, communicating with friends and making plans. In more recent years, further social media platforms have emerged to accommodate those in the workplace. It may sound useless in the world of business, but social media has made some huge leaps forward.

You can use this technology to link everyone in your company, allowing your staff to talk with each other in real-time. This process can help them to solve problems faster and create more trusting relationships within the company.

Social media isn’t only about connecting your employees. It also plays a pivotal role in developing customer relations. You can use it to receive customer feedback, and even create viral marketing campaigns. A customer is far more likely to use a business that can engage with them in a friendly way, which is why it is important to jump on board with social media now.


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Onboarding Software

Starting a new job is a nerve-wracking experience. You can be perfectly qualified for a job and have all the right experience yet still struggle to get to grips with life in a new company. This is no one’s fault. The company should always seek to make new employees feel welcome, but every business does things differently which can overwhelm and frustrate new staff.

You could take time out of your day to walk your new staff through every aspect of your company, but this is incredibly time-consuming. What’s more, it is impossible to cover all of their concerns in one go. That is why it is important to look into Onboarding software.

This software will include everything the new employee needs to get up to speed with your company without wasting your time. Since it is a digital format, you can make it uniform for everyone. You can also include a search function to answer any possible questions they have before starting in the role. This means that all of your employees can be trained and brought up to speed before they even step in the door.


Times are always changing which means that your business needs to make adjustments to keep up. Some of the new technological developments are updates to existing software, while others are going to be completely new enterprises. The important thing is that you take our advice and keep up with the times.

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