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Why Should You Use Explainer-Videos in Classrooms?

There are many positive reasons of video usage in classrooms. It benefits the teachers and the students as a whole.

Are you on the bandwagon yet? If you are not, you should get on it ASAP. Here are a few reasons for which you should use explainer videos in classrooms for lessons.

1. Generation V’s intrigued by videos

Regarding video, I would like to say a few thing about the internet first. The Skype was released in 2003. YouTube, a public video sharing platform followed in 2005. And with the advancement of mobile devices, the internet usage has increased from 16% (in 2005) to about 40% today.

Most kids these days feel pretty comfortable with things like videos. Most of them love to involve themselves in video-calling through Skype or in watching a movie on the internet and other things like that. V for Generation V actually stands for video.

So why don’t you convert this entertainment into some sort of an education? It can work wonders. By implementing explanatory educational videos in the classroom, you’ll see your students engage more and more in class lessons. That’s simply because they love this channel of interaction.

Use this tactic to your benefit and to their benefits at the same time.

2. Video is more engaging than regular textual lessons

Many teachers have this mentality that video’s all about entertainment. It has nothing to do with education. But to be honest, this mentality needs to be changed ASAP.

If we think of a video as a source of information related to education, we can easily and conveniently develop a lesson all around on it. The same video can also play a significant role in capturing and holding the learners’ attention at the time of the lessons.

The result will be an effective and enjoyable lesson capable of creating a lasting impression on the students.

3. Video aids to bring the outside world into your classroom

With the inculcation of public video sharing platforms, we now have more access to video than ever.

What do you want?

Newscasts, documentaries, dramas, television series and even academic lectures are available freely on the internet. So basically you have the world in your hand. You will just have to find out the right videos that should suit your lesson the best.

But how can you find out the right video among millions of others on this giant database? It’s almost as easy as a piece of cake. My advice- Google.

4. Video’s an excellent source of information

English undergrad students often have to carry out research for various projects based on their assignments. Video documentaries and film can be a great source of information that is more than capable of aiding them in their research.

It even works in lower classes and even without audio. In many cases, if you just ignore the audio output of a video, you’ll still be entitled to get yourself some sort of a visual information that can benefit your lessons greatly and effectively.

5. Video acts as a stimulus for all your classroom activities

If you want to get enthusiastic responses from your students in classes based on your ongoing lessons, a video can be your best bet.

Many institutes successfully use videos in classrooms by providing learners with an input like an open ended question. They then invite the learners to come back with an output of their own. This is an effective teaching practice because it helps to develop problem-solving skills in students.

By instigating learners to think on their own, they are automatically encouraged to develop their critical thinking abilities in the best possible manner.

6. Video acts as a good channel for learner output

Don’t always advise your students to be a consumer of information. Ask them to be a producer as well. Video can act as the best channel of all to get student output to the world.

You have probably heard of things like student-produced interviews, documentaries, podcasts and many things like that. Now, these are definitely good things that bring out the creativity in your students.

So what are you waiting for? Implement explainer videos in classes and see the way they channelize your lessons to a more positive direction. Your students would love it. So that’s all for now then folks. Hope you had a good read.

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Sankar Dey writes technical content periodically for Softz Solutions and backs it up with extensive research and relevant examples. He's got a BSc in IT and has 12 years of working in an environment of digital marketing. Connect with him

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