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The Important Role Video Will Play In The Future Of Business

Video is a key component of modern marketing strategies, with research by Animoto showing that 85% of marketers report that video is an effective way to garner online attention. In the age of ubiquitous connectivity, when millions of websites are vying for an audience’s attention, the fact that viewers retain 95% of messages relayed by video, should be a wake-up call for businesses wishing to rise above their competitors and be considered standard-bearers. Of course, video marketing is just one of many ways this technology is being used to connect brands to their customers and boost the awareness of their products and services to extended audiences.

Video And Social Media

When it comes to acing your social media strategy, providing dynamic, engaging content is vital, and video can be considered an effective shortcut to help you achieve this aim. Research by Animoto has shown that one in four consumers purchased an item after seeing a story about it on Instagram, and around 58% of marketers plan to target their video marketing campaigns on Instagram. This channel is just one of many in which videos can play an important role, with around 70% of marketers planning on using video content on Facebook this year, and research by Twitter indicating that Tweets with video material attract 10 times the engagement than those without them do.

However, sometimes users scroll too fast and may not give videos any chance, so a good approach would be adding subtitles. That way, the video would grab their attention. Using software like Maestra can help you prepare engaging video content with subtitles for your audience.

Video Conferencing Tools

Video conferencing has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past year, with many businesses having to adapt to a remote working situation owing to the global health crisis. The good news is that video conferencing has more than risen to the occasion, with research compiled by Digital in the Round showing that video meetings via Zoom, Skype, Google Meets and the like improve productivity by 50%. Currently, around 76% of employees are using video conferencing software/apps for remote work, and around 40 million users held conferences on Skype in the first half of 2020.

Video conferencing is now part of the new normal – so much so that defined rules of etiquette and dress codes have been established for this means of communication. The norm is to dress according to industry standards (with a slightly less formal touch) without sacrificing self-expression. Jewelry is apt for video conferences in the virtual era, but wearers are opting for pieces that do not wrest attention from their main message. Thus, minimalist pieces, simple chains, and the odd vintage piece are trending, as are simple pearls and layered necklaces.

Video To Boost Awareness

Savvy businesses are using videos to boost awareness about their products and services, especially new collections or lines, or those which may require explanation in order to be understood. From specialty tools to new make-up collections, websites are featuring instructional videos that bring audiences closer to products and services. In this sense, video is an important way to add value to your website, converting it into a trustable source of information – and one that delivers its message in a pleasant, quick, and engaging manner.

Video has an important place in any modern marketing team’s strategy, owing to its high audience appeal. In addition to creating marketing videos, you can also harness this technology’s benefits by holding video conferences with clients and employees alike. Video can also be used to create instructional, informative, or entertaining videos that connect you to your audience and raise the level of your brand.

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1 Comment

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