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Uscreen Review – the Ultimate Video Membership Site

There is no doubt that we are in the technology age. With more and more people going online with their computers and smartphones, there is more demand for online services than ever before. And, with the ease of access comes simple, convenient buying options. Our generation loves subscription based opportunities because they give us the chance to get what we want without the long-term commitment.

This is where companies like Uscreen come into play. Uscreen offers a sleek and intuitive platform for their clients to create their very own video membership site. With their white label service, anyone can easily create their very own video subscription service in a matter of minutes.

What Exactly is Uscreen?


Uscreen is a 100% white label VOD (Video on Demand) platform that allows anyone to build their very own Netflix-type website. Yet you can do much more with their platform than just watching movies. For instance, you can use their site to build an online classroom with tests at the end of the video to quiz the viewer’s comprehension of the video they just watched. You can also use Uscreen for online training, video subscriptions and live webcasts, but let’s focus on using it as a video membership site.

Using Uscreen for a video membership is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Uscreen offers a fully customizable platform that enables you to create any site you want. You can either do this by using one of their templates that they have in their library or you can code it yourself using the HTML and CSS editor. This is going to help you launch the site that you have been dreaming about.

As well as customizing your very own site, Uscreen is 100% white label, which means that there will be zero trace of them in any of your pages or in the source code. This makes you look like the video genius!

Key Features of Uscreen


One thing we can say about Uscreen is that they have features that are not parallel with any other VOD platform. This is to ensure that their clients get what they need without having to ask for it. So, let’s do a quick overview of some of the features that are going to help your new video membership website:

Content Management that Stands out Amongst the Crowd

Having the right content management is going to be paramount to your success as a video membership site. First of all, if your content is not organized and easy to use, as well as accessible, then you will find it very hard to retain any customers. Uscreen offers excellent content management that includes services like:

  • Uploading any content
  • Setting up chapters
  • Bulk uploading
  • Content scheduling
  • Integrated advertising
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Subtitle support

With all of these wonderful services you can be sure that your consumers will get top tier service that they are paying for.

Custom Designs that You Cannot Resist

One thing that we all know is that websites that are successful typically stand out amongst the competition. One way that they accomplish this is by hiring an expert to brand their website in a unique way that appeals to potential clients as well as their current clientele. With Uscreen, this is possible through their many options that include:

  • Fully customizable site
  • 100% white label capable for branding
  • You can use your own domain
  • Built in themes
  • You can have the Netflix look and add your own twist
  • You are able to edit the HTML and CSS

This is going to make your business stand out and give it the fuel it needs to succeed in building a video membership site.

Subscription Sales Management

Being able to manage a site like Netflix is nothing short of a huge. They most likely have a team of people that constantly manage their users and their requests. The great thing about Uscreen is they have everything that you could ever need for this built right into your new video subscription site. They offer:

  • The ability to have multiple subscriptions built in for your customers to choose from
  • Different designs for your subscription
  • User accounts that can be managed by the user
  • You and your customers are able to update billing info for each account
  • You can customize subscription plans to fit each customer’s needs
  • You can offer a discount to customers that prepay for a certain time
  • You can specify when each customer will be billed monthly
  • Get detailed reports about the subscriptions and their activity on your dashboard
  • You can allow one-time purchases and rental/pay per view options
  • Video ratings and reviews helps that user engagement stays up for the site

Why You Should Choose Uscreen

Choosing Uscreen shouldn’t be such a hard thing to do now that you have read what the company is capable of doing. With this 100% white label platform you can be confident that your new venture to create the next big Netflix-type site will be in the hands of the professionals. The best part is that you will get full credit for everything. You cannot lose with this business plan!


The most important thing that will get you past wanting to choose another VOD site is the massive amount of customization and features that you get with Uscreen. Some other platforms might offer similar options but you will either pay much more for their service or they are not 100% white label. With the many other amazing features of Uscreen, you can be at ease that you are picking the right platform for your new business venture.

Besides all of the options available, Uscreen also offers a beautiful option for your site to have an app for Android and Apple. This is huge because 80 percent of online traffic is now done through some sort of mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet. In the coming years, we will see this increase even more as smartphones are becoming more available to the world. Many other VOD platforms do not offer this functionality yet. At the end of the day, Uscreen is the industry leader for VOD platforms.

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