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Review of Uscreen – Build A NetFlix Like Website

When it comes to producing the kind of audiovisual content that gets people talking, listening and, most importantly, paying, the times are changing. There is a knack to providing awesome content to the masses without much fuss.

According to the most recent and reliable statistics usage of DVDs is most definitely on the decline. In fact, the first half of 2014 saw the sale of DVDs drop by 8.2%. This statistic emphasizes to both video publishers and consumers that online streaming is becoming the preferred option. The fact of the matter is, streaming videos online is simple, easy and incurs no fuss on the part of the consumer, unlike DVDs.

This has created a fork in the road for those in video publishing. Either you roll with it, staying ahead of the game and ensuring online streaming is readily available and easy to use; or fall behind, relying on outdated modes of video publishing and ultimately losing customers.

Welcome to Uscreen

uscreen tv

Uscreen is an online streaming video service, launched in 2013 and has been providing a simple and effective online video streaming service ever since. The service has some notably impressive features, which include:

  • The power to create your own Netflix platform with the ability to upload and sell your own videos to your target audience.
  • The ability to sell your videos confidently, without any risk of piracy as all videos are protected with digital rights management (DRM). This impressive piece of security software protects your intellectual property and is often used by publishers, copyright holders, and hardware manufacturers. On top of this the encryption protocol ensures the top tier of security for you and your videos online.
  • One of the most important aspects is the ability to watch videos anywhere, at any Uscreen understands the consumers need for this and fully support its development. The screening service is available for use on most devices including tablets, phablets, TVs, mobile devices and Apply Airplay. This ensures viewers can watch your videos whenever and wherever they want.
  • The service is available to viewers both online and offline. They are able to stream online with an internet connection, and download videos for when they don’t.
  • For the ultimate ease of sale Uscreen provides a customizable storefront, meaning you are able to display your videos to viewers, as you want them. On top of this, Uscreen deals with all transactions and ecommerce operations.
  • The platform is also developing its ability to provide Analytics, meaning you can see who has been watching your videos, which are most popular, and which aren’t.
  • Uscreen incorporates LMS features such as testing and certifications, ensuring you can deliver the highest value content to your viewers.
  • It also creates an ease of connection with your viewers via social media as the homepage footer provides links to your pages on Facebook and Twitter. This footer also provides all links to legal compliance pages such as refunds, privacy and the Uscreen terms of use.
  • For ease of use Uscreen allows you to customize videos with episode and chapter markers, giving an air of familiarity for viewers. You can also embed links to PDFs or websites from any part of your video.
  • Uscreen gives viewers the option to rent, buy or simply subscribe to any of the videos available online. They also provide you as video publishers control over subscriptions and how much you choose to charge per video through the Uscreen publisher admin sec
  • And last, but by no means least, Uscreen provides a mobile app for both iOS and Android users. This makes Uscreen as user friendly as possible, ensuring their services are available anytime, anywhere.

How to Create a Uscreen Video in 5 Easy Steps

Uscreen isn’t just about ease of use for the viewer, for you creating a Uscreen video could not be easier.

Step 1: Upload your chosen video to Uscreen

Step 2: Create a video menu and choose your chapters

Step 3: Choose a price for your video

Step 4: Have a peek at a preview

Step 5: Get selling!

It could not be simpler to stream and sell your videos online. Uscreen provides a simple and effective service, which is easy for both you and your viewers.

Additional Benefits of Uscreen

Online video streaming is nothing new, however, there are some additional benefits provided by Uscreen that you won’t find from its competitors, such as:

  • The ability to combine Uscreen with existing websites
  • The ability to combine with Shopify, an ecommerce industry leader
  • A simple, direct connection with customers
  • Ease of API use

Uscreen’s popularity is gaining traction fast and is already used by major players in the motivational speaking, education and fitness industries. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hoopnotica– a hula hoop specialized dance teaching company
  • Gin Miller – a major workout video and fitness studio company
  • FLX – a company specializing in strength and flexibility training
  • MazzMedia– a provider of education media

By ensuring their videos are available to be streamed online these companies are giving themselves an additional revenue stream. Not only are they opening their doors to new viewership, but also they are serving their existing customers by providing readily available and easy to use content.

Hoopnotica have observed a 155% rise in video sales since joining Uscreen. Their sales have transformed and evolved as their customers are showing a preference to the online streaming service. Now, four out of every five of their video sales are being completed through Uscreen.

As someone who runs a business you are already fully aware of the online streaming revolution. The rise in popularity of this service is undeniable and something you must utilize in order to provide the best content and service for your customers. Consumers now want to stream and download their content, meaning it’s easily accessible as and when they want it.

Uscreen understands this, and understands you, which is why they are constantly striving to provide the simplest and most effective online video platform, for both video producers and viewers.

Start your Uscreen journey and visit the website here.

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