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Understanding SR-22 Insurance

In case you commit any serious motoring violation, you stand the risk of having your driving license revoked, and your car insurance policy canceled. If you do not want this to happen, you may be advised to file an SR-22 application in terms of the requirement of the state of your residence. An SR-22 is a document that is required by the Department of Motor Vehicles of most states pertaining to the vehicle liability insurance for high-risk policies. It is vital for all motor car drivers to know and understand what an SR-22 filing is.

What is SR22?

While it is customary for it to be referred to as SR-22 insurance, it is in actual terms just a certificate that your insurance company is obligated to file with the DMV of your state of residence. The certificate vouches that you have motor insurance, and needs to be issued only if the judge who is disposing of your traffic offenses requires it to be done, keeping in view the nature or frequency of the violations committed by you. In the case of your already having insurance cover, the SR-22 certification just needs to be added on. Under the circumstances of your not having insurance, you will need to buy a policy and then have the SR-22 added to it.

While the SR-22 filing takes care of notifying the state DMV of your insurance coverage, the insurance company also has the responsibility of keeping the DMV updated regarding renewals of the policy or any cancellations. The number of years that this has to be done varies with the nature of the offense and is generally about three years.

These regulations are applicable only in the USA and have no significance for any online motor insurance Dubai.

Why Would Anyone Need SR-22 Insurance?

A number of traffic violations specified by the state require an SR-22 insurance filing. Drivers with a clean record thus need not lose any sleep over this. If you wish to retain your driving license after having committed certain violations, the judge hearing your case may allow you to file an SR-22 application through your insurance company. The violations that may force you to have an SR-22 filing range from driving under the influence to being involved in an accident without having motor insurance besides a number of violations of traffic rules in a short span of a few years.

From Where Can You Obtain SR-22 Insurance?

Most car insurance companies are competent to sell SR-22 insurance but there are some among them who prefer not to deal with high-risk customers, and turn away requests or do not even respond to customer applications. The easiest way of getting an SR-22 insurance is to approach those companies or agencies that specialize on high-risk customers. Approach the really big ones because they are more likely to be experienced in this, will be able to offer more options, and process the application more efficiently.

The Cost of SR-22 Insurance

Depending on how you look at it, it can be a reasonable expense or horrendously costly. The actual fee associated with SR-22 insurance certification is only $25 or so for folks who have an existing insurance cover. If no cover is present the fee gets tagged on to the policy you need to buy. The real punch lies in the significantly higher insurance premium you will need to pay because of your classification as a high-risk customer.

There are also a few states that will require these types of customers to pay the premium in one single shot rather than every month. The good thing is that the SR-22 filing is not permanent. Depending upon the nature of the offense and the policy of your state you can expect it to be removed after about three years. Once the deadline is crossed, you should make sure that your insurance company has the filing deleted from your policy. Your driving record is also restored to its former pristine glory.

Evans walsh is an insurance agent with vast experience of dealing with high- risk customers. Besides American customers, he also sells online motor insurance Dubai. He has had a very long association with

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1 Comment

  1. Morgan

    June 8, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    This is really important stuff you address here. Understanding insurance companies and how they work is essential if you want to find the coverage that works best for you. Thanks for sharing.

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