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Pet Insurance Isn’t Enough!

Pet insurance is when we get our animal insured. The insurance is to provide for the veterinary visits and treatment if the pet is ill or going through an accident. Many pet insurance policies vary from each other – some would even payout in case of the pet’s death or if it is lost, stolen, or even if the pet damages a third party or their property. 

Pet insurance payments can be as low as $10 per month or as high as $100 – it is on you which plan you opt for. But are you sure that it is all that your pet needs?

Can you be certain that you and your pet are ready for any sort of unforeseen situation that might come your way? Yes? Think again!

Insurance is important, yes, but it’s a secondary thing – before it you need a good phone and internet service to help you take action the moment it needs to be taken! Insurance, thus, is the second stage of pet safety – the first focus on the primary stage.

Phone service

With the help of good phone service, you can call in for any emergencies and get uber, home doctors, and whatnot as soon as possible. Contrary to that, if you have a bad phone line with zero clarity you can certainly not lose time making any calls when your pet swallowed something, God forbid.

Good phone service can keep you and your pet connected as well – all you need to do is teach them to press the button that’s fast dial your number. Other than that, in the middle of the night rather than running to a vet’s clinic and seeing it closed you can call different ones to know which one can cater to you. You can also call up your regular vet for help!


With the help of the internet, you can connect to various pet forums and learn different things about your pets. You can join a community and meet like-minded people who’d love to sit with your pets like their own as well. Moreover, in case of any problem, you can easily ask those people to help you with a solution. If you want professional help – you can always ask online vets for help as well. There are many online vets available either free of cost or with minimal cost for their services.

You can also learn new ways to relax and groom your pets via online tutorials. And if you attach a pad to the phone line your pet won’t just speed dial your number – it would see you just as you’d see him too.


Pets are lovely and an integral part of the life of those who have them. People who never had pets can never know the bond or purity of love a human and animal can share. Insurance is important but not everyone can have it and even if they do it doesn’t ensure your pet’s health. You need a good bundle deal to keep you covered.

You need a good service provider that would provide with not just a good quality but quantity as well in the best of prices. Mediacom bundles are one of such bundle offers that go out of their comfort zone to accommodate the customer’s needs. Find such a bundle deal if the said is not available in your area and protect your pet.

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Nathan John works as Digital Marketer at at&t bundles and he has been working for seven years. He contributes in various online communities.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sijdah Hussain

    August 8, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    I have 7 cats and I must say I was always sad about the fact that my country doesn’t really have pet insurance policies (or so I believe). This article, however, gave me quite some very true insights about how I can keep my kitties secure even without a pet insurance. I always have my vet on speed dial. I didn’t however consider online vets before. Great option indeed!!
    Thanks a bunch, Nathan.

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