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UK Travel Rules during Quarantine

Every country is setting up SOPs for travelers. Travel agents are also following the strict measures as per provided by the government. First and foremost advice coming from all over the world is not to travel at all. But indeed everyone can’t stop traveling during this pandemic. But before traveling you need to know a few general instructions, which will be universally followed, usage of masks and hand gloves, and recommended eyeglasses that adequately cover your eyes. Do not directly touch your nose, mouth, or eyes during traveling. Make it mandatory for you to have hand sanitizer during traveling.

There are a few particular rules, which the UK government devised for UK citizens to abide by those and for travelers who are coming to the UK or going out of the UK.

Strict prohibition of Non-essential travel

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) strictly advised citizens of the UK against traveling but only in an emergency. There are discouraging remarks if someone is about to travel for non-essential activity.

Only Essential traveling is recommended

Every person needs to realize what is essential for traveling. That traveling can be called essential traveling, which cannot be avoided. Essential traveling is that which can cost you your earnings inconsiderable way.

A Complete ban on traveling to the epicenter of pandemic

It is the perception that there will be no flight to and from that region or country or city which is declared as the epicenter of the novel virus by the World Health Organization (WHO). But there is no such clear statement from the government. It is because aviation companies do not offer traveling facilities to those areas beforehand. In that way, it is supposed that those areas’ traveling is a ban by all parties, which are involved in the aviation industry to stop colossal damage to the lives of human beings.

Support for UK citizens abroad

The UK government recommends all of its citizens come back to their home country as early as possible. It will be better for their lives. For the travel plans of such citizens, the government advises booking flights as early as possible. If flights are not possible then the UK government is making special arrangements to help its citizens in special conditions. Even they are providing the option that if someone who is a UK citizen and does not have enough money to purchase a ticket to return to their home country, he can get a loan to finance his flight ticket. In this way, the UK government is becoming helpful to its citizens who are living abroad.

Revision of Recommendations

The UK government also points out that the administration is also observing continuous conditions of pandemic around the globe. It has intentions to change the recommendations as the situation becomes fair in maximum areas in the world. But for now, on the top of the line, there is a recommendation to not travel at all. The revision of rules will come promptly as if the government will see any better situation.

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