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Top Safety Tips To Help You Guard Against High-Tech Failure

There are so many high tech failures, which companies and individuals have to bear owing to the tech savvy cyber criminals. Lately, cyber crooks have really become very smart and advance in high tech crimes like hacking, phishing, breaking securities, etc. These cyber crimes can lead to many high tech failures, making a huge loss for companies and people.  So, before you encounter such issues and high end failures, it is always recommended to arm yourself with smarter safety tips as shown below.

Secure your accounts against Identity Theft

A number of online accounts have the password reset function which sends out a new password to the email address that you have registered with just in case you simply forget the password. This really gives cyber crooks the option of accessing the password by knowing your personal email address along with other information. All you need to do is to always use a strong password and ID for different accounts and simply avoid showcasing them in your social media accounts or other online profiles.

Avert all online frauds

Online frauds are simply waiting to happen leading to big disaster in terms of money and data. This is usually successful with intentional distortion of truth which can benefit cyber criminals with something of value. Thus, make sure you always avoid clicking on unknown links or files that comes from any unknown source. In addition, it is always recommended to check the source of the message, whenever you find things suspicious. Avoid replying to emails which demand data verification or email/password confirmation. This way, you can easily avert online frauds.

Protect your wireless network

Nowadays most companies and even individuals use Wi Fi or wireless networks both at work and home. However, these networks are often very vulnerable to things like intrusion, provided they are not rightly secured. Therefore, make sure you modify and review the default settings. Secondly when it comes to using public Wi Fi or Wi Fi Hot Spots at places like airport, railway stations or malls, always avoid using the same as they are very much vulnerable to doing damage. By avoiding the same, you can avert financial or corporate transactions over these networks.

Protect your device and data

As you now use smartphones and tabs to send data, make sure it is very much secured in order to avert the attacks of viruses and hackers. Antivirus software can really help you in securing your device and of course the recipient’s device. As far as sending out sensitive data to your business partners or anyone is concerned, make sure it is encrypted or else you stand the risk of losing it to cyber crooks.

Alyssa is a writer/blogger. She loves writing about technology, social media and tech security. She writes SEO articles for businesses that want to see their Google search rankings surge. She contributes articles about SEO techniques and trained security officers  regularly. Her articles focus on balancing informative with SEO needs and security free training.

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