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How Website Speed Affects Search Ranking?

Rankings are based on factors and they are always related to each other thus speed can have a lot of effects as explained through the means of this blog.

Do you often find yourself engaging on a website’s page and the link is taking too much time to open up? Or things like not fully refreshing the page and some of the contents go missing? Will you stay on that page or will you search for some other options? You will go back to the URL and find a new website from where you can attain the desired information you wish to acquire. So what happened that you did not cling to the page you were first using? The factor was speed, speed plays an important role in the evolution of a website. The importance can be more understood that it’s a ranking factor among Google and hence if the speed of your webpage is good, the better ranking and traffic engagement you are about to get. With time Google has also provided certain tools that help in improving the speed of your webpage and it is done professionally by developers and webmasters. Page speed does have a lot of effect on SEO or search engine optimization which is something that cannot be overlooked. The speed of a webpage can also affect the rankings indirectly since they can increase the bounce rate and also reduce the dwell time of a webpage. Through this blog, we will try to explore how speed affects Search ranking and the factors involved in this process, and here are a few points to start with.

Directly Affects SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of selecting and converting the right ingredients for a website to rank it higher amongst the Google algorithm and to put it on the top of the list of Google search engines. Since speed is a factor involved for a better ranking, therefore it will also affect the procedure of Dentist SEO. If it takes a bit long for your webpage to respond to the user then he/she may lose interest and opt out of the page. Moreover, your page will be sided to the lower rankings upon the performance it made while interacting with the traffic.

Affects Domain Age, URL, and Authority Development

If you have a new website and you want it to appear better and on the top of the Google search engine, you will go for the website loaded with all the features. This includes your domain, URL, and authority development too since they are a vital part of a webpage. Now speed can directly define the age of your domain, for example, you will have a stereotype that if it’s a new website it will run smooth and will be easily accessible but if your site isn’t providing the speed a user wants, it might allow Google to define your domain age and it may refer age to be old since greater speed would have regarded it young, this is also the case with the URL and authority development. If it takes too much time to retrieve the information from the links, Google will automatically put them backward and this is why you need to maintain the speed factor of your website.

Affects The Algorithm of Google and Other Search Engines

Special bots are used by search engines to identify websites with the same content and keywords and this algorithm is hence used to compile them all in a single unit and then present it accordingly to the user based upon a lot of factors including speed. Now if Google has identified your content among a thousand files, you would prefer it to be top of the notch. For that, you may require some factors but since the most important is speed, therefore it will only decide the ranking of your page. Understanding Google’s algorithm isn’t that hard, for example, if you want to visit a dentist nearby, you will search for it, and Google will identify your location and based on it will help you reach the dentist through SEO optimization. The clinics that have invested in dentist SEO services would surely have better rankings in the search results and you would probably visit only the few top results. Now what matters is how much time it will take you to conclude and if the first website you visited was able to provide you with the complete information. Well, speed affects a lot and if your web page loads better than the others, congratulations, you are already on Google’s best list.

Bottom Line

The conclusion is that speed might not be the only factor to rank you higher but it isn’t also a factor that can be ignored since it brings in a lot of engagement. Rankings are based on factors and they are always related to each other thus speed can have a lot of effects as explained through the means of this blog. Contact the best digital marketing agency for more information related to search engine ranking factors.

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