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Top 9 Websites and Resources to Find Blog Content Ideas

You don’t realize it at the beginning, but one of the hardest things to keep doing while you’re blogging is to keep coming up with new ideas. Sure, the first few months you’ve got a big ol’ list of topics that you can tackle. But then the well starts to run dry.

And if you don’t have new ideas, then it becomes nearly impossible to keep people keen on your website. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. There are plenty of resources out there to help you create new content. Today, we’re going to list some of the best websites and tools out there to make content creation a cinch.

Hubspot topic generator

Hubspot has a great tool, called the Hubspot topic generator. How you use it is simple. You type in three keywords or keyword phrases and it will spit out a whole list of possible topics that you could possibly write about.

Then you can use that to get your creative juices flowing. You should it out several times with several different groups of words to really get the best out of it.

Make a Web Site blog ideas

Another good one to take a look at is this infographic by Make a website hub. On it, they give you 47 different ideas that you can try out, such as curating the best blogs, finding the best people to follow or doing an interview.

Now, you’ve probably heard most of these ideas before, but having them all in one place is very helpful, as you’re not always going to remember everything that you’ve seen before. So check out this list to get some new ideas for what you can try or do.

WP Swipe & Deploy

This is a fantastic plugin that you can put straight into your WordPress. From there it will give you new ideas based on what you’ve already written. Yup, that’s right. You don’t even have to try to figure out what you’re writing about. Instead, the plugin will do it all for you and put it up on your dashboard.

It will come up with up to 500 different ideas. So keep on clicking the ‘next’ button if you don’t like the first few ideas.

101 content ideas by Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is always a fountain of useful information and in this article, it’s no different. They’ve got 101 ways that you can generate new content ideas, such as checking question websites to see what kind of things people want answers to, as well as the comment sections on industry websites, where discussion and questions asked might offer up inspirational ideas.

It’s a long list, so make sure you’ve got a cup of coffee handy when you dig in. Also note that it does not give you ideas directly, but is more about giving you places where you might look for new ideas. Still, that can be far more valuable, as it might mean that you’ll chance upon a constant stream of new ideas, rather than only getting the one and then having to start all over again.

Contentidiator headline generator

This headline generator can be used in two ways. The first way is that it gives you  great headlines and that is something that’s truly useful if you’re trying to draw in traffic, as a good headline can apparently increase the traffic that ends up reading your article by somewhere close to 500%. Now that’s a lot of extra eyeballs!

That’s not the only way that it can be used, however. You can also use it to give you content ideas, as often a title will be enough to spark a whole train of thoughts. So definitely give this one a try if you’re a little bit stuck.

One bit of advice, don’t actually use the headlines that you see – particularly if your keyword is pretty common. Why? Because chances are other people are also using this tool and that means that the headline is already being used a heck of a lot.

Repurpose your content

Another great way to create new content is to take old content and put it in a new format. For example, you could take a popular article and turn it into a podcast or an infographic. If that’s something that you would like to explore, then read up on Quicksprout’s repurpose content article.

They’ll give you the lowdown on how to quickly and efficiently change the content you’re outputting so that your ideas last longer and you’ll be reaching a larger audience as well. A nice double whammy if I ever heard of one! But if you don’t have much time, try to ask to help with your content such services as Get Academic Help.

Emotional marketing headline analyzer

Think you’ve got a decent headline? Then stick it into the Emotional Headline Analyzer. It will spit out a score about how emotionally effective your headline is. From there you know if you’re on the right path or if you need to tweak the headline some so that it becomes more effective.

And you know what the great thing about that is? During the process of tweaking your headline, the nature of your article will change as well and most of the time it will actually become ever more interesting and provocative.  In that way, tweaking the headline will make for a more effective article overall.

Create a series

Have you got an idea that doesn’t fit in one article? Then that’s the perfect content to consider turning into a series. In that way, one content idea can give you weeks, possibly even months of content.

New to the series writing the thing? Then check out Probloggers article on how to write a series.  They’ll give you the lowdown on what you need to do to make sure that your series is effective and gets a wide readership.

Link bait generator

Another good tool where you only need to plug in a keyword and the generator will do the rest. The great thing about this one is that it will give you click-bait titles. Now that isn’t always something that you want to use (people can get frustrated with that kind of thing) but if you throw in a bit of click-bait every so often you can significantly boost your traffic.

Of course, you’ll still need the content to be of high enough quality to stick around, but that’s the topic of a different post.

Last words

All these tools will help. So sit down and go through them. Always remember to have a notebook at hand, so that you can write down as many of the good ideas as you can.

Don’t stop there, however. If you really want to create some good new topics, then take what they’ve given you and sit down somewhere away from the computer and let the brainstorming begin.

If you can do this effectively, there’s a much better chance you’ll actually manage to create something that nobody else has done before. And if you can do that, then you’ll move from having just another idea to having a really fantastic idea.

After all, everybody is using these tools. To make sure your blog doesn’t end up like everybody else’s takes an extra step. And that’s only one you can take. Good luck and good blogging.

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Malia Keirsey is an enthusiastic blogger from Chicago. She is eager to become a professional writer and web designer. Malia shares her experience by means articles related to different areas. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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1 Comment

  1. Adriana Rylee

    May 5, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    Content is a key to your success. Yes, you can order services to write but how can you know that they are legit?

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