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Top 6 Digital Learning Trends Every Organisation Should Adopt In 2020

As the easiness of anything and everything has become ‘going digital’. I am here talking about how digital learning is booming and the recent trends that can be beneficial for any company, if adopted.

Can you train 100 employees from your company at a time?

In the past, surely the answer was a no but with the recent up-gradation in technology and with the proliferation of digitalisation the answer is most likely to be a Yes. Digitization of any learning is the process of converting the learning content into a digital format which for the learners is nowadays considered as the most feasible and the most time-saving medium. Digital content ranges from a multitude of mediums of learning content (video, audio, text), live virtual classroom, online assessments, online games and simulations, virtual labs, blogs and wikis, open online assets integration and other self and peer learning channels. Learning is no longer restricted to physical classrooms or conference rooms, the digital dimension has unfurled the pedagogy to engaging customised learning solutions.

Companies that opt for digital learning programs don’t want to or can’t afford their productivity to be hampered. So for that classroom training is being considered as an old story now.

The recent trends in digital learning that organisations should be adopting in 2020 are enlisted below. Keep reading to get acquainted:

  • Learning videos- Videos of 2-3 minutes run time that is meant to impart learning content to the trainees are becoming more acquainted in the digital learning industry. It is an easy deliverable that is highly informative. The videos can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. They are visually appealing, more engaging and interactive. Creating a video is easier, efficient and time-saving. And moreover, the adoption of engaging videos comprises rippling effects in the digital learning industry. Interactive videos substitute the employees from being a passive receiver of knowledge to remaining alert and connected in the learning process through all the learning videos. This benefits in holding the learner’s attention longer and increases the adoption rate.
  • Gamification of content- The recent technological development and researches about how games are a medium to improve concentration power, brain’s speed, problem-solving skills etc have lead games become a methodology for enhanced learning. It makes the learning process interesting. Gamification of the digital learning content facilitates learning and entertainment both at one time by applying game mechanics like gathering points, receiving badges, leading on the leaderboard or winning a trophy. This drives the learner commitment to the program, boosts adoption rates and reduces the program dropout rates.
  • Infographics- Infographics are ubiquitous. They are a perfect blend of creative art, informational data, statistics and design that accelerates the process of digital learning. Infographics help the learners to drive deeper learning. It can present a purpose for this form of digital and visual literacy while also offering up an opportunity for students to apply these skills. Making infographics that are educational, interesting and eye-catching becomes easier than creating learning content of the print medium and the learner to grasp.
  • Emotional Intelligence-  Emotional intelligence entails the state of being sensitive and also perceptive of other people’s emotions. Plus it includes having a sense of intuitiveness and facilitate refined performance based on this experience. Today’s workplace is the modern workplace that is characterized by open communication, teamwork, and mutual respect among employees and their supervisors. Individuals with high emotional intelligence are more capable of reducing stress, improve their performance.
  • Artificial Intelligence- Artificial Intelligence facilitates machines to “learn” from and adapt to communications with users. Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots can engage with learners in a conversational way to help them gather information and refine skillsets also algorithms to collect learning and categorize it into strengths, weaknesses or proficiency. Two popular uses of AI in e-learning can be timed as providing prompt answers to questions and to present an appropriate follow-up to the questions. AI enables fast data analysis and decision making in learning too. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence is also considered potent in becoming the best teaching assistant
  • Mindfulness- Mindfulness is a very effective tool that helps you gain the full potential to live life. To become aware and attentive within and with others at the workplace is what it does as a skill for employees. This helps in a tranquillity which leads to developing more problem-solving skills that will enhance employee productivity at work and instigate positive relations with fellow workers.

And so I now end the list of Digital trends for every organisation in 2020. The digital learning industry is one where there are turns and upgrades often which are necessary too as the learning and development nurture the well-being of people individually and corporate industry. These trends and practices of digital learning initiate or fasten the productivity and growth rate overall. The number of organizations that use learning management systems is higher than ever.

MOOCs (massive open online courses), Virtual exercises, Peer and adaptive learning, microlearning, nano learning and other digital learning methodologies are growing like never before. The Learning and development industry is witnessing the all-time-high opportunities more than ever and believing the fact that it has only been possible because of the massive growth observed in ease of internet access and internauts.

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Sandip Shrotri is a content marketer for 5 years now. He is been a virtuoso of Marketing for about 20 years. Heading a department in Cognigix he has witnessed and overcame shedload of challenges which makes him a cerebral person

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Edward brown

    April 7, 2020 at 6:32 am

    They are things peeps need to understand quickly especially in tech-related fields… thanks for sharing 🙂

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