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Top 5 Reasons To Ditch Windows 7 For Windows 8

Newer is not always better but it happens to be so in the case of Windows 8. Tons of users across the globe are ditching Windows 7 to try the brand new version of Windows 8.

There are several reasons for this change of heart, of course! After all, we had all fallen in love with Windows 7 and it would have taken a much superior product for us to break up with our old flame and fall for the new kid on the block.

In this article, the top 5 reasons to ditch Windows 7 and pick Windows 8 are listed:

  • Booting Time: The boot time on Windows 8 is way faster than its predecessors. Microsoft has come up with an excellent product in terms of booting time. The trick is the use of better allocation of resources. That brings down the booting time considerably. Moreover, the unique feature of the kernel of the operating system ensures that even during shut down, your computer is in a state of partial hibernation. So, when you fire up your machine, it picks up from where it had left.
  • Searches: Windows 8 does not have what you know as a traditional search box, something that Windows 7 has. How do you search on Windows 8? You just type anything you want on the desktop and a search box is conjured out of nowhere! Searches couldn’t really get easier than this! All the search results and their associate files are immediately there for you to see.
  • User Interface: Microsoft has named the user interface (UI) of Windows 8 as Metro. When you log in to Windows 8, you will see the arrangement of box grids on the desktop, just like you would find on tablet touch screen devices. The grids can be personalized and arranged as per your convenience. Moreover, the grid apps are capable of providing real time information even when you are not logged into the internet. That is something definitely path-breaking.
  • Live Sync: Windows 8 allows users to log into any Windows 8 software with a live id. That way, users based in any part of the globe can see the same desktop, no matter where they are! You can personalize the settings on your Windows live id. This also means that you can easily start working on a new PC without bothering with the arduous task of transferring files and folders.
  • Windows to Go: Perfect for corporate and high flyers, this feature of Windows 8 allows users to take a backup of their entire Windows operating system on a USB drive. The backup includes wallpapers, settings, apps and files. The moment you plug this USB into a computer, you can instantly get your own Windows settings without making any changes on the new PC you are working on. Keeping a backup of important data was never easier. Surely Windows 8 has got these little conveniences spot on!

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