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Top 5 Most Popular Smartphone Applications

Smartphone application development is one of the most coveted works these days. There are hundreds of smartphone application development companies which develop thousands of applications every day, for platforms like Android, iOS or Ubuntu. With the increase in usage of smartphones and frequent changes in technologies, this industry has a long way to go.These applications gain popularity according to their demand and usage. This is only because of the popularity of smartphone applications that most of the E- commerce sites are resorting to only App based selling.


Here we bring you some smartphone applications which have gained popularity over a period of time because of their special features and design.

1- Facebook- The first in our list is the most used social media platform i.e. Facebook. Almost every person who uses internet daily, uses Facebook as well.  Just like the social website, the application also got popularity overnight. It’s easy to use interface and regular updates have made it one of the most popular smartphone applications. Latest updates have added features like liking pictures and pages even when you are offline.

2- Truecaller – Developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, Truecaller has earned huge name in a very small span of time.  The application helps you identify the callers by giving you their complete details. It also has features like blocking calls from unwanted spammers and telemarketers. The processing is so fast that the application starts searching for the caller, the moment its number gets copied to clipboard. In the premium feature of the application, you can search for the people by name as well.

3- 360 Security Antivirus Boost-Next in our list is a security application, which has become essential part of every smartphone. The reason behind this is, thousands of malicious applications running across the internet which steal your vital information from your smartphone, including your passwords. The application scans every application, document and any other stuff that you download from internet, scans it and warns about the potential threats. This application also acts as speed booster. The application automatically kills background applications, deletes temporary files, and optimizes the battery usage of the phone.

4- Gmail – Gmail is the largest used platform for sending and receiving emails. The application version of this platform is equally popular. The developers keep on adding additional features time and again for continuous improvements in the application. Deleting and archiving with swipe add to the beauty of this application.

5- KiwiCamera- Our last application in the list comes from the category of personalization. All smart phones have quality cameras. But unfortunately, we all are not photographers. So we need technical assistance to fix the pictures clicked by us. The application adds various special effects to the pictures and enhances the quality. Special effects are in the form of artworks like frame, collage etc. The application has been developed by Kiwiple Inc.

Hope you have gained insight of the best of the smartphone applications developed by the best of the Smartphone application development companies. Probably you are already enjoying these superb apps. And, if you are not, go grab them.

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