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Top 10 Daily Tasks for Online Businesses Looking to Succeed

Keeping your online business afloat is one thing, but to do it successfully is another. In order for your online business to progress, you must have the discipline to fulfil a list of daily tasks. It does not matter how small or large the business; if certain tasks are not completed, your website will fall behind. So to prevent that from happening, here are the top ten daily tasks to help your online business succeed.

Keep on top of your social profiles

Having a social profile for your company is perhaps one of the most important aspects of running an online business; it puts a ‘face’ on your brand. By using Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram as a regular person, you will be humanising your online business. This way you can interact with your followers, whoever they may be.

Write a blog post

You may not think it, but writing blog posts is paramount to success in the online marketplace. Generating daily fresh content for your site in the form of blog posts can help boost your sites performance from an SEO perspective. Write up a monthly plan of daily blog posts to write and try to abide by it as much as possible; it is very easy to let a blog slip through your hands!

Create video content for your site

Create a YouTube channel for your business and keep it regularly updated with new interesting videos. View YouTube as another free recourse to help you connect with potential customers.

Find ways to build links to authority websites

Investigate what are the authority websites in your niche market; remember, this may not be the top result on Google. If you don’t ask for links, you don’t get. Building relationships is fundamental to any business, so there is no harm in networking B2B.

Optimising your sites content from an SEO perspective

Keeping your website optimised from an SEO perspective should be right at the top of your daily priority list. By keeping your website SEO optimised, you will be streamlining web traffic to your site – attracting your core market.

Find partnerships for joint ventures

Nothing screams success like collaboration. By engaging in joint ventures with other companies you will be expanding your online business, creating awareness and demonstrating to customers that you can work well with others.

Connect with your subscribers

Use your mailing list as a way to keep your subscribers up to date with everything new at your company. This could be a new product about to be released, an event, the launch of a new website or even a competition being held. However, remember not to seem spammy – less is probably more in this case.

Analyse your analytics

Look over your website’s analytics. Ask yourself questions such as ‘where is my traffic coming from?’ ‘What are the keywords they are using?’ ‘How can I boost my web traffic numbers?’ Always use your analytics to your advantage; a tool to target your specific audience whilst boosting web traffic in total.

Provide support to your customers

If a customer has either emailed you, left a comment on one of your social network profiles or on a forum website; negative or positive, you should always respond to it. The strongest businesses will go out of their way to support a customer, whatever the problem may be.

Push for feedback

Getting feedback from your customers can only help your online business progress. Check in with your customers and find out what they like, what they don’t like and what they would like to see. By listening to your customers, you can find out how to improve your business from a customer point-of-view.

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Jenny works for Letterbox. Customers can buy outdoor games from Letterbox through their e-commerce site. They have found recently by utilizing hashtags more effectively within their marketing campaigns, that sales have increased dramatically.



  1. FrankCern

    June 11, 2013 at 1:58 am

    I think that keeping up with the daily blog posting is the hardest part of managing an online presence. It can be well worth it in the end though.

  2. myles

    June 11, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    Connecting twith the subscribers proves to be a great tool, as the more you interact the user experience will definitely increase, and you would engage them more.

  3. Jeny Best

    October 21, 2013 at 7:18 am

    Great Article thanks for sharing…This is very interesting wonderful job..
    It is a very good is helpful for real estate agents.agree with mitch Social media facebook is a great strategies.

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