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Top 10 Apps for Lawyers and Law Students

Nowadays, people are going around with computers in their pockets that are even more powerful than the ones used in moon launches by NASA. Below you will find a list of apps for lawyers and law students that can be used to transform their mobile phones into a roaring machine that ooze productivity.

1. Cards

This is an awesome networking tool that will help you send your thank you letter or email in a timely manner, which is very important. You can send either default or custom cards on an iOS platform or you can just send something sweet to your mum or friend without having to deal with generic cards that usually have limited selections. You can make the card more personal by uploading your own photo and you can also work with numerous templates to write the message of your choice both inside and outside the card. This usually takes around 3 days to get to its destination and you can also send it internationally where you will have to pay one more dollar. Sending a card will only cost you $2.99.

2. Blacks Law Dictionary

This is a very practical app that will help you look up definitions of difficult legal terms. All you have to do is type in the term that you are looking for and you will get the results in no time. The app costs $54.99 and is used on both Android and iOS platforms.

3. Summly

This is an incredible app that avails numerous articles and vast information on current and other relevant events. Users have the power to choose the topics that will be included or excluded in the feed. You can also get summaries that will help you know if you are interested in the entire article. It costs $19.99 and uses the iOS platform.

4. ScanBizCards

This app enables lawyers and law students to scan business cards easily just by taking a picture. Using your mobile phone, you can crop out all the information you do not need and then click to scan. Users can store all the scanned cards for 10 dollars a years on an operational cloud that is optional. It uses both Android and iOS platforms and goes for $6.99.

5. FastCase

This is an invaluable app that features numerous editions of federal statutes as well as Bailbonds CT statutes for almost every single state in the US. It is free of charge and available on both iOS and android platforms.

6. MindNode

This app allows lawyers and law students to create flow charts ‘mind maps’€ very easily. These can be shared between the laptop and desktop. You can get it for free or opt for the paid version that will help you out in various law classes. It is only available on the iOS platform.

7. Dropbox

This is a cloud storage system that you can download for free to help you access files very fast. It is available on desktop, mobile phones and laptop devices.

8. PDF-Notes

This is an app that gives users an innovative way to manage all their PDF documents on their iPad or iPhone. You can import files from a number of sources and edit them easily. You can get the free or get paid version  that does not come with annoying ads for $4.99.

9. Evernote

This is an app that can be described as a digital filing cabinet which can be summoned from a web page, desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. You can create any file type with it. Developers are also working hard to make it better, free of charge and available on iOS, Android and PC platforms.

10. Dictamus

This is an app for lawyers and law students that allow them to transform their iPads or iPhones into digital recording devices. It can record phone calls when you are not in a position to pick so that you do not have to be interrupted. It goes for $ 19.99.

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Author Bio- This post has been written by Nicky. She loves to share knowledge about Lawyer. She recommends for providing best services like Bailbonds CT



  1. Sobina

    September 18, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Yeah this blog post was really helpful for finding the apps which was useful for law students and lawyers. I am currently studying law and i am currently using only Dropbox and Blacks Law Dictionary which i am familiar and know about. But after reading this blog i came to know there is lots of apps which was useful for us. Thanks for this blog. Hope you will keep continuing your blog.

  2. Rohit Dubey

    October 2, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    Nice apps suggested and thanks because my brother is a lawyer and it will be a great help to him.

  3. Wills

    October 9, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    After completion of my BMS i planning to do master degree in business law…thanks for sharing article relates with it. Now-a-days it also has great scope you get job as legal advisor in any company/firm.

  4. Wills

    December 6, 2013 at 6:00 am

    Currently i am in first year of law. Glad to have such knowledge enhancing article. I am planning to share this article with my college friend as well…this is an very new concept for me. Thanks for sharing valuable content for law student.

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