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Tips and Ways for Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

Since the introduction of mobile phones, the scenario has advanced to an entirely new level where the way of doing business has completely transformed. Traditional marketing techniques have been replaced by the digital and modern marketing methods. Within few seconds, businesses are able to reach a widespread audience and communicate with them effectively and efficiently. Thanks to the mobile market as more than 60 percent of the search engines are operated through mobile phones or tablets than through laptops and desktops.

Marketing can be done effectively by knowing the target audience and the means of communication used by them. Mobile phones are used commonly by most of the people, thus, mobile marketing strategy can prove to be one of the keys to a successful business campaign. Content market strategy helps you to increase traffic, respond quickly and be more updated with trending and expanding mobile device dynasty of consumers.

Tips for effective mobile marketing strategy

In order to flourish in every field, there are some tips and techniques that are needed to be undertaken. Similarly, following are some of the tips for an effective mobile marketing strategy which will enable you to fulfil your marketing goals:

Ensure the availability of your content on every mobile platform or device: Almost everyone is equipped with one cell phone or the other. There various software and varied models of cell phones. Make your content in such a way that it is readily available and readable on each and every device with much ease and clarity. Try to include every customer’s touch point and you will be able to create something out of the box that the customer desires.

Most of the searches performed by the way of cell phones have higher bounce rate than desktop users: People searching from cell phones can find places and services that are available near to them. This facility of GPS is not available to desktop and laptop users. Google alerts allow you to search what is currently trending in your area.

24/7 availability of customers on phone: In order to ensure that your clients are available to take the information dispersed by you, it is better to communicate with them through mobile phones. Through mobile phone, your content can be shared easily among friends, family members and acquaintances, thus, they invite more traffic to your web pages.

Taking responses from clients: This responsive storytelling strategy is all about taking the overview from the clients regarding the goods and services used by them. This strategy is against puking out the entire information to a client in the hope that something would appeal to him. Instead, it focuses on providing what is expected of the business by the client.

Maintain a good website: It has been surveyed that most of the people wouldn’t recommend buying a product or service from someone that has poorly maintained a website. A website should be such that it has an appropriate number of pixels to display the content properly and clearly that is readable by the naked eye.

The key points mentioned above are sure to take your business and marketing strategy to the next level if taken into consideration.

Ways to create an effective mobile marketing strategy

There is no denying the fact that this is the age of mobile phones and the numbers of people that use smartphones have multiplied within no time. The content displayed on big screens cannot be adjusted and jammed onto the screens of your mobile phones. The need of the hour is to build an effective mobile marketing strategy or remain left behind.

Following are some of the ways and steps of building an effective mobile marketing strategy:

Customize mobile content: The content that is displayed on your blog needs to be adjusted according to the one readable on a cell phone. It should be short and sweet. Small lines and short words must be able to convey the required message properly. The content needs to be loaded quickly and précised for younger audiences. Try to display your advertisements through powerful medium and videos. It is because it becomes easier for mobile phone users to seek the information.

Enhance your website to be used on mobile: It may be mournful to know that many websites that are operated on mobile phones are managed and controlled by the desktop users. A website loses its visitors and viewers if it loads slowly or is difficult to direct on a mobile phone. An online business may slowly die if cautious steps are not taken to optimize your website for mobile.

Building an efficient app for your business: It has been accounted that much of the traffic on mobile phones is drawn by the app users. Scoping the app landscape will allow you to know which app needs to be displayed at which place and target what type of audience. Displaying your app content to everyone and anywhere is definite wastage of time, money and effort on the part of the business.

Test, analyze and twist: Every ad campaign needs to be tested and analyzed but the act of trying and testing has never been so crucial before. Any new incoming data should be adjusted in time with much ease to optimize future ad campaigns.

Getting social: Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. play a pivotal role in spreading the news about the business. This allows you to have a personalized interaction with your customers and get to know about their needs. Thus, the target audience can be effectively entertained. You can hold social campaigns for your customers to gain their support and loyalty.

While developing your mobile marketing strategy, you can make use of mobile-friendly email marketing, landing pages, interactive calls for action, etc. You must determine the audience and MMS or SMS Text Subscription Options, identify sales gaps and market accordingly. In order to reach each and every prospective client, mobile marketing is the way to prosper and flourish your business wo

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Nirdesh Singh has 10 years of experience in IT sector. He decided to start his own development company in 2012 and founded Zedex Info Pvt Ltd. where he is director also. He is also co-founder of a B2B IT resource-sharing platform in India. He loves to write and share about technology, startups, and businesses very often.



  1. Ravi Prajapati

    October 4, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    One way is developing user-friendly and less complex apps automatically gets a download, and another way in you should do some paid promotion like social media and other platform and then start promoting it with all possible way.

  2. Roger

    October 4, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Thanks Nirdesh for your sharing.Mobile marketing is the biggest tool which is widely used in global trade.I must appreciate your findings on this particular topic.It has changed my perceptions on trading and I would definitely like to share your views to promote mobile marketing .A quality marketing need to require some serious brainstorming to determine the best outcome.I found your article more interesting and useful as a tool which could help me to explore my marketing skill.

  3. Elisa

    October 9, 2017 at 2:42 am

    Thanks, Nirdesh for this great article. As our target market doesn’t include mobile yet we haven’t ever looked into mobile SEO / marketing. This article was very interesting for general knowledge and for sure worth of a bookmark for future reference.

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