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Your Business Needs Mobile Marketing to Reach Customers

Mobile marketing has unleashed a world of new opportunities to businesses, both big and small. Although a relatively new entrant in business promotion strategies, mobile marketing has already proved its mettle. Let’s have a look at the reasons for its growing popularity, before going into some smart tips to make the most of this opportunity.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Mobile Marketing?

Marketers are super excited about this marketing strategy. There are several reasons. More than 81% of Americans have smartphones as of June 2019, according to figures releases by Pew Research Center. Moreover, the average adult in the US spends close to 4 hours on their smartphones, says an article by eMarketer.

The article goes on to say that smartphones have become and will continue to be the go-to medium for US consumers for media and content consumption. This is not only because mobile devices are the only option when you’re on the go. People are increasingly using such devices even when they’re consuming media and browsing the internet at home. This is because 4G has mass-market coverage in the US and, in many cases, its performance exceeds that of wifi, says a report by Deloitte.

Mobile marketing takes your business right where the customers are. That’s not all. This form of promoting your business offers something that no other medium does. It’s called location-based advertising, or LBA, which allows marketing messages to be sent to potential customers based on their geographic location.

Adopt Smart Marketing for Smart Devices

Here are some tips to get smart with mobile marketing:

Responsive Website Design 

As many as 57% of internet users in a survey said that they would not recommend a website that had poor mobile design, according to an article published by Oracle.

There are challenges, however, in creating that perfect website. To begin with, websites are being accessed by laptops, tablets and smartphones. And, each of these devices has a different screen size. What is needed is responsive website design – one that looks its best and works without faltering irrespective of the screen dimensions, say experts at Semgeeks Digital Agency. They emphasize that the user must always have a pleasant experience.

Focus on Experience

Mobile marketing strategies need to evolve beyond hard-selling products to focusing on user experience. That’s because Millennials and Gen-Zers are the most active people looking for information on the internet using their smartphones. And, this digital native population values experience. A survey shows that 40% of people turn to competitor sites after a poor mobile experience, says an article by Moz.

In-App Mobile Advertising

More than 80% of mobile usage time is spent on apps. Moreover, apps are better for placing your ads than mobile web, since apps are more engaging and have more focused user attention. Not just that, mobile apps offer a host of user data, such as device type, OS, GPS location, interests, age and gender. This gives marketers the opportunity to target the audience better and refine the ads to suit different target groups. So, mobile app ads are more powerful than mobile search ads.

Most importantly, track the success of your mobile marketing strategies. This will help you to know what’s working, whether your content engages the readers and how to better optimize your campaign.

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Marcelo Fincher is a blogger & writer on technology related topics with years of experience in studying technological advancements. In his spare time, Marcelo likes to read books and take a walk on the beach.

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