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Tips to Build a Viral and Addictive App like Snapchat, Facebook, and Pokemon Go

Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder, Pokemon Go, Fitbit – Ever wondered what makes these apps so addictive? What drives users to check for these apps a zillion times from dawn to dusk?

Before you share your views, let me reveal- It’s not because of some black magic spell or mere luck.

It’s because of the user experience they deliver.

In the digital world where a user checks their smartphones 714 times a day and hundreds of applications jump into the mobile market, these apps have employed UX as a weapon to become the pole star of the industry.

These mobile applications, unlike many others in the same or other categories, have come up with the right concoct of science and emotions. They have put themselves in users’ shoes to understand their pain points and what can make them jump out of their chairs. And this way, they brought changes in their app idea both in terms of how the application will look and function after their investment in the app development process.

Sounds interesting, right? Wish to know their secret? Let’s crack the puzzle here.

8 Proven Ways to Build Viral and Addictive Apps

Keep Everything Simple and Easy

The very first thing you can notice in all of these applications is that their app screens are so clean and simple. Anyone can use them efficiently and effortlessly and this is what makes them viral.

When you add too many options on the same app screen or bring unnecessary ones, users get confused or distracted. This affects their experience with your application. So, it is advisable to discuss with the best mobile app development companies what features must be displayed on any particular screen and how to optimize them well.

Focus on Seamless Navigation

People are in such a hurry these days that they expect a faster and more seamless experience from the apps too. If an application takes more than 2 seconds to load or hang now and then, they get irritated and decide to leave the platform. They even share their experience with their near and dear ones in the form of reviews or ‘word of mouth’, which can eventually bring an adverse impact on the overall results.

So, focus on the speed of your application while planning your app development process.

Personalize User Experience

Another factor that is differentiating viral apps from others is that the former offers a personalized experience. These apps, using the power of Chatbot, AI, Predictive Analytics, and more, are gathering and analyzing users’ information to deliver them offers and services that fit their needs and desires.

Ensure Security

Due to the increasing data breach cases, users are conscious of the security of their data shared on the platform.

In such a scenario, overlooking the need to focus on security factors can ruin your app success level and result in a higher app uninstallation rate. So, it is again advisable to focus on improving the security level of your mobile application and build a trust level.

Give Rewards and Discounts

Believe it or not, giving rewards, appreciation, and discounts to your users for spending time on your app also acts as a catalyst for in-app virality and addiction.

It encourages users to stay on your platform for longer, which improves the user retention rate. Also, it motivates them to share their experiences with others, which eventually increases the app download rate.

Testing It Well

Again, another factor found behind the success of these viral and addictive applications.

When you test your app effectively and effortlessly – both from the technical and user front – you get comprehensive insights into what factors can boost your app downloads and what can hinder the path to success. This way, you can work upon those loopholes and deliver an enhanced experience to your core audience.

Adopt the Latest Technologies and Trends

The present generation of tech-savvy users felt more magnetized to apps that integrate the latest technologies and trends into their apps. So, it is again a great way to make them pick your application over other available options.

However, this does not mean you aimlessly introduce all the cutting-edge technologies and trends into your app. You have to study and ensure their scope in your application to gather more benefits.

Start with an MVP

Though developing and launching a full-fledged seems a lucrative method to get success in the market, MVP is an ideal option to consider.

MVP, i.e, the atom version of an application enables you to enter the market with the core features and functionalities only. This not only speeds up the process and reduces the development cost but also helps you test the water more smartly. You can enter the competition, gather user response responses, and make changes there is indeed your actual app plan to launch an update that seems more successful in the market.

Besides, this provides you with an opportunity to provide them with something fresh and interesting every other day. Something that keeps them hooked to your application for a lifetime.

Wrapping Up

There is indeed no such formula to get success in the mobile industry, especially when the trends keep on changing regularly. But, with the tips mentioned in this article, you can enhance the chances of success in terms of launching a viral and addictive application. So, look ahead to implement them into your process to build your application.


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Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Technology and 2 years of work experience in a mobile app development company, Bhupinder has worked closely with designers and developers and has gained a knowledge of the process to build an app. When not interacting with them, you will find her answering on Quora while sipping coffee.

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