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The Steps to Forming a Successful Mobile App Startup

Along with the number of apps in the market, another number that is rising for the mobile app development industry is the population of entrepreneurs planning to enter the fast-growing industry with their app idea. As a renowned mobile app development and consulting agency, we keep on getting queries from new entrepreneurs, with bold app ideas, asking us for advice on how to convert their app idea into a successful startup.

In this article, we will talk about the exact steps that any layman with an idea should follow to become an entrepreneur with a successful mobile app startup. The steps have been curated in a way that they should be implemented serial number wise.

Without further ado, let us start with the process of making you a successful mobile app startup entrepreneur.

1. Find a Problem and its Solution

Find a problem that people, beyond those whom you know, are facing and which can be solved through mobile.

Once you have a list of 5 problems, look at the one that have the highest probability of getting solved. Then find a solution that is either less thought of or less applied. Don’t go with the obvious solution at this stage.

2. Create a Wireframe

Once you have identified the problem and its probable solution, create a wireframe to bring it to life. When drafting the wireframe, make sure that you have touched upon the designs specific to android app and iOS app. As both of the platforms come with their individual set of features and functioning.

3. Talk to a Reliable Mobile App Development Company

Take this wireframe to a renowned mobile app development company that is known to help entrepreneurs from this early a stage. Consult them on the platform, if your solution would reach more audience through an iOS app or would the response be higher with an Android app.

4. Get an MVP Made

After discussing your requirements and with a concrete plan on moving forward, build an MVP with all your prime USPs and distribute it among the pool of actual prospective mobile app users. Then work on the feedback that you receive.

5. Plan App Monetization

Plan on how you would be earning from the app. Whether you will invest in advertising or would keep your app in a paid version. Having an app monetization strategy ready will help you keep afloat from day one.

6. Launch Business

The last step, for now, is to give your MVP a name and launch in the market for the Android app users and iOS app market to use and review. Along with Play Store and App Store launch, build a website and roll out your social media pages as well. Also, ensure that you have made your brand elements patent for it to remain legally yours.

However, avoid getting in full-fledged before tracking the response through your MVP.

Now that you must have gotten a hang of how you can become the next serial entrepreneur starting with your mobile app startup, here are a few cautionary points that you should pay heed to at least for a year after your business launch.

Cautionary Points –

  • Don’t quit your day job until another year
  • Don’t ask for funds till after seeing the MVP’s response
  • Get the app validated by unbiased users/ someone you don’t know

Hope this advise piece helped. Happy Entrepreneuring.

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Being in the writing business for several years now, Tripti Rai is presently focussing on unfolding the elements that make mobile devices interesting. Currently associated with Appinventiv as a Content Manager, she is keeping herself well read with how lives are/ about to change in the wake of world entering the Mobile Era and how to prepare the world for the race. When not writing, you can find her slurping chocolate shake in a stray dog’s company.

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