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Tips for Creating an Email List for Affiliate Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Since its introduction in the 1990s, digital marketing has come a long way. If statistics are believed, 70% of marketers prefer content strategy, while 79% use Facebook to advertise their product.

There are various marketing methods, from Search Engine Optimization or SEO to Social Media Marketing or SMM. One of these is email affiliate marketing, a strategy where businesses seek affiliates to advertise their product or service via emails. It has a lot of benefits, including cost-effectiveness and easy tracking of performance.

But what is the best way to create a list for an email marketing campaign, and how to launch it?

How to create an email list

Email campaigns enable you to establish direct and personal communication with your audience. However, it would be advisable to remember that the product promotion should not look like a sales pitch. It would be best to encourage the brand gradually and in a conversational tone that is friendly and approachable.

Search an email provider

It would help if you started by searching and signing up for an email provider. After you have found one, check whether they allow the use of affiliate links or not.

Some providers discourage them as it affects their deliverability rates (success rate at which emails are sent to their respective addresses), while others prohibit them entirely.

If you don’t check this beforehand, you could lose access to your account and even to your mailing list in the long run. You should also know the compliance legislations regarding email marketing in the country where you operate.

Be aware of consent-type

In most cases, you will require two types of consent from sending mails: opt-in and express. It’s referred to as opt-in consent when you have an existing relationship with the receiver and don’t require their permission to send mails.

In all situations where you don’t have a list of subscribers or existing receivers and need their permission, you will need express consent to send them affiliate marketing emails.

Include a signup form

An opt-in or signup form enables receivers to subscribe to your email listing or access a particular product or service. Your email provider will provide you with several widgets, and you can embed them on your website.

The form should be visible, easy to fill, mobile-friendly, and attractive. It should not ask for captchas, password confirmations, or other procedures that make the task difficult for the subscriber.

Make use of drip campaigns

A drip campaign refers to a process where emails are automatically sent to users according to a specified timeline or user behavior. One of its benefits is that you don’t have to write a new email every time, as the system selects from a set of previously written emails.

You can also give them a personal touch by adding the user’s name or contact details and providing relevant information on their activities.

Create engaging content

Even though you have a list of subscribers because they find you appealing, that might not be the case when you advertise a brand, product, or service. Therefore, it is essential to observe the utmost precaution when sending emails containing links.


As mentioned earlier, maintain the usual tone of your content while expressing your opinion regarding a particular product. You could do a little research beforehand before engaging with your audience and telling them the reasons behind trying a specific service.

There are plenty of benefits of email affiliate marketing, both for the company and the affiliate. However, you have to know the proper way of using this method to get the best results.

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