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The Time has Come – Let’s Set Goals for 2019

Before choosing a dress for a New Year’s party and experimenting with a festive makeup, we suggest taking care of the most important thing – about what life plan you are about to enter in 2019. Anyhow, the New Year is a holiday when one page of your life turns over, and another begins. Start by setting goals. And we will show you how to do it right!

1. Learn something every day

In the modern world with a bunch of free services, smart gadgets, knowledge available, it is just unforgivable to be content with the luggage left over from school and university years. Promise yourself every day to memorize one new word, read about one historical factor watch one educational lecture. It takes very little time, but very soon, you will be able to call yourself a person of encyclopedic knowledge proudly.

2. Keep a diary

Do not confuse with girls’ diaries filled with bright stickers, poems about unrequited love and complaints to the desk mate. Think of a diary as therapy. Share your ideas, experiences, and plans for future, goals, and dreams with blank pages. Psychologists claim that the habit of recording what happens during the day helps “unloading” let alone coping with stressful conditions.

3. Move more

Every adult person on average should cover a distance of 10 thousand steps per day. Walking helps to keep the body in good shape and the brain in good health. Studies say that an active lifestyle helps to strengthen the immune system, balance hormone levels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and improve memory. And this is not all the advantages! 

4. Do a plank

It is hard to believe, but such an easy-to-use and accessible exercise strengthen a whole range of muscles, including the back, abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. All you need is a little space, a short time and a little willpower. In a year you will notice a significant result.

5. Find an hour a day for dreaming

What is the difference between an adult and a child? A child can afford the luxury of a dream. It would seem a waste of time! And no. If you dream correctly, and not just soar in the clouds, you will soon learn how to transfer desires from fantasy to reality. Of course, there will not be a plan and strict compliance with it, but it is believed that dreams of yours are worth the pinch of effort. 

6. Be confident

Low self-esteem is the root of most of our problems. Promise right here and now that you will stop picking at past mistakes, demeaning your virtues, considering yourself worse than others, being afraid to be unworthy of this man / this job / this life. Do not forget to shower yourself with compliments. This simple action has a fantastic effect – people will begin to perceive you the way you feel.

7. Read more books

Are you buried under a bunch of household chores, work problems, and other responsibilities? Sometimes it seems to you that you suffocate from such a lifestyle. We are aware of it to be challenging to find time for so please let alone relaxing activity as reading a book. But we also know that ten minutes a day you sometimes spend on such useless things as social networks, correspondence with a girlfriend, watching a soap opera on TV, etc. Spend these precious moments for the benefit of your soul!

8. Travel more

Who does not want to explore the world? Immense, charming, marvelous… But sometimes life forces us to abandon our plans: either there is no money, but then there is an opportunity. Next year everything should be different because you give the word to yourself that you change your life drastically. Begin with something small – get yourself in the habit of going on a weekend in the unexplored points of somewhere far away.

9. Work for charitable causes

The most modest help, be it a grocery bag or toys and will give a sense of purpose of one, and maybe a few people, a little happier. Think over those whom fate has deprived of the opportunity to spend evenings in a warm apartment in a circle of relatives, who would give everything for the embrace of a loved one, who every day has to fight for survival, and the word “love” is something from the world of children’s fairy tales. Give a piece of your heart to those in need, and this gift will be returned to you a hundredfold. 

10. Quit bad habits

Inevitably, this item wanders from one of your New Year’s resolution to another. You feed yourself with promises, like “I’m going to quit smoking on Monday,” “I won’t be at the bar with friends on Friday,” “no fast food next month,” etc. However, to fulfill the promise is quite tricky. I must tell you that physical dependence is nothing too emotional. Start with the head. Look for the causes of your unhealthy lifestyle there, and you will find the answers there.

11. Undergo a medical examination

We are ready for anything, not to go through the nine circles of hell in the hospital, but can it sometimes be worthwhile to suffer a bit for the sake of our well-being? It is always better to prevent the development of the disease at an early stage than to deal with complications, spend a lot of money on medicines and feel powerless before the illness.

12. Find your style

Appearance says a lot about a person, if not all. Perhaps, you pay attention to girls, as if descended from the cover of a glossy magazine: a correctly selected palette of colors, eye-catching accessories, a competent combination of things, and complete harmony in every detail of the image – everybody wants to be. Make yourself a gift – disassemble the wardrobe, throw away unnecessary, buy a couple of new things. You will feel no change of heart only but also changed from the outside.

13. Go in for sports

If there is an “eternal” item on this list, it is “Doing sports”. All your undertakings fail? After the very first lesson (if you got to it at all), do you want to embrace a warm and such an understanding refrigerator as quickly as possible? So you did not find your cup of tea. Think about what you would like to do. No one forces you to conquer an ellipse! Yoga, pilates, dancing, swimming, pole-dance – there are many options, have to leave laziness in the passing year.

14. Make more money

Money becomes an obstacle in any business: from learning a language and ending with a trip to Europe. If you feel that your financial situation does not fully satisfy your needs, then be prepared to either abandon your “expensive” plans or start earning more. Whichever way you can get rich, you cannot do without precise control over cash flow. We advise you to begin with planning a budget and studying saving methods.

15. Eat healthily

Junk food is the enemy to fight. Not tomorrow, but right now. Improper eating habits plague life out (in the literal and figurative sense), make you overweight, take the weight of the body that you believe is a stranger every day, get upset due to the uneven skin texture … But you have a year to overcome your passion for junk food and start eating right. Clean your diet of everything fried, fatty, salty, sweet, flour. It will be difficult, but no one promised that it would be easy. 

16. Find a hobby

The routine draws us into the quagmire, from which it is not so easy to get out. Getting up at seven, a quick shower, breakfast in a hurry, make-up, hairdo, working outfit, a lot of work, return home at seven, cooking-cleaning, sleep. This is how the life of an average modern woman goes (and we do not talk about women with children – it is even harder for them). We do not want to draw sad perspectives, but if you live at such a pace, then you will cease to enjoy the moment and see the colors. Urgently find an activity to your liking and dedicate as much time to it as you can. At least five minutes a day. 

17. Learn a new language

Or pull up Chinese. Finally, remember that you dreamed of learning French and getting a little closer to the Eiffel Tower and elegant Parisians, or learning spoken Spanish to understand the emotional remarks of the people of Barcelona. There are millions of ways to master a foreign language, ranging from applications and ending with lessons with native speakers on Skype.

18. Learn to care about yourself

In theory, we know all about care: how many times to make face masks, what kind of scrub to choose for sensitive skin, what ingredients should be in moisturizing cream … But in practice we rarely apply our knowledge, being satisfied with the basic needs of the skin. In 2019, you have a chance to improve and begin caring for yourself properly. To start, we advise you to deal with the already existing cosmetics and buy something that is missing. The next step, as you might have guessed, is a beauty plan that will not allow you to relax and skip at least one item from the list.

19. Spend more time with your close people 

New projects, the cycle of affairs at work, endless meetings alienate you from what is essential – from the family. We have learned ourselves and taught our relatives not to wait for a call more than once a week, but it is so easy to take and call. Just a couple of minutes of your precious time can cause a smile on your grandmother’s face, please your mom and surprise your second cousin.

20. Love yourself

Probably, to quit smoking and go to the gym is ten times easier than boring “to love yourself.” We used to criticize ourselves even for the smallest misdemeanors, saying, “You fool, how could you burn a chicken?”, “How was it possible to spend such an idle weekend?”, “Why did I undertake this task, because I am not competent enough?” etc. Take a break, indulge yourself more often, forgive your mistakes, focus on the good only and you will be happy!

Melisa Marzett loves holidays. Christmas is her favorite one. What she also likes is writing. Currently working for Smart Custom Writers Company, she is actively looking for new guest posting opportunities as long as she has written many by now and keeps on improving herself and rings bells of enthusiastic readers with more fascinating articles to read.

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Melisa Marzett is a prominent writer, who knows everything about modern technologies. Read her posts written for Big Paper Writers and get the latest news!

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