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The Increasing Importance Of iPad Apps Development

Apple’s iPad-2 sales have reached sky heights this year. iPad is the most functional, sleek and light weight tablet that offers a number of entertaining features to its users. During the quarter three of the year 2011, Apple shipped approximately 13 million iPads. This impressive figure depicts a 36.8 percent growth that made Apple the top tablet vendor in the world. With more than two hundred new features, the iPad has the best operating system of the current times. Owing to the advanced features of iOS 5, iPad application development geared up.

ipad app dev

The iPad has always been the most advanced smart device. With constantly evolving features, it always has something novel to offer to its users. Thus, iPad application developers emphasize the significant features of the most competitive iOS 5 features for creating trail blazing applications based on the latest OS.

The notification center in iOS5 has been fine tuned so that it has minimum interruptions. iPad users can set up the way they want to receive notifications on their smart devices. Even if they do not want any notification they can choose to do so. They can also swipe the screen so that they can reach the application and view the message. If the users chooses to ignore the message then the message will disappear.

Furthermore, with iMessage users can get functionality which is akin to message apps developed for Android and other platforms. Using it messages can be sent or received to any of the iOS 5 enabled devices without any cost. As it makes use of internet, users do not have to pay for every message they send. With Apple OS 5 users can get direct access to this facility. Users can also choose to send the message to either a phone number or an email address. It has the same functions that help to find friends automatically with the use of same version of the OS.

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  1. myles

    May 31, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    yes ipad app development is really proftiable as the number of users is immensly huge and also the paying networks then are hugely helping.

  2. Hamish Lawson

    September 14, 2018 at 10:30 am

    Hey, great share….

    Indeed, there are quite a large number of people who are using iPads so investing in iPad app development can be profitable. I really liked this post as it is quite informative and useful. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep sharing more..


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