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The Importance Of Live Blogging

Live blogging is the art of posting immediate and live updates on a blog as it happens.  This type of live blogging is similar in a number of respects to live television or radio broadcasting but is in text form on a blog.  Live blogging is ideally suited to sports events, news coverage, elections, president’s speech, Oscars, company conferences, national events and natural disasters.

When bloggers resort to live blogging they need to keep some important points in mind.  There is no second chance where live blogging is concerned and hence special attention should be paid to the following in order to guarantee its success.

Target group

Identification of a specific target group will indicate how one should go about live blogging.  While reporting on sports or the election news of a country obviously the target groups will be varied and live bloggers should be able to tackle these variations in target groups.


It is the content that attracts a fair share of attention while it is the voice in writing that actually holds the attention of readers.  Concentration on these two aspects will go a long way in guaranteeing the success of a live blogger.


Live bloggers cannot afford to let their attention stray.  They have to be focused throughout the event from start to finish and every little bit in between. They need to report on every aspect of the ongoing event as it happens in such a way that readers will actually feel a part of the show.

Efficient Internet Access

Live blogging requires the most effective and trouble free internet access directly from the event.  Prior to commencing writing of the live blog, writers would do well to check with the organizers if an efficient internet service is in place.  Lapses in internet service and disturbances along the way will cause as much annoyance to live bloggers as to readers who will be deprived of vital bits of information.

Efficient Laptop and Camera

Live blogging requires one gadget too many.  Live blogs will require a host of photos and hence an efficient camera will be needed to cover the events and post the same in a matter of minutes on the blog.  Live bloggers should ensure that all their apparatus is charged while a back up source is available.  One would not like the computer to run out of battery power just at the crux of the situation or when the final goal is being shot in a football game.


A good live blogger should create a sense of suspense in the minds of readers so as to not only capture their attention at the very onset of the blog but also to ensure that readers are not lost along the way.

Live Tweeting & Live Blogging

Live tweeting running commentary can also be combined with live blogging.  Mix and match of these two will ensure better contact with readers, while giving readers answers to their precise questions and areas of interest about the event on hand will add to the success of the live blog.

Live blogging has its importance is the sense that it is what the world today subsists on.  No one wants stale news or information of something that is past.  For fast moving stories, fast moving live blogs are the order of the day giving bloggers the ability to post developments quickly and does not allow for editing and re editing.  It also allows links to other coverage and can also include comments from Twitter and Facebook.

However, live blogs provides readers with raw material as it happens.  It assures readers of the absolute truth without giving bloggers a chance to have second thoughts about whether to report a particular incident or not. Bloggers could get carried away when reporting on live events, with no time to actually think about what is happening.  Secondly live blogging is only successful if one has a large enough audience who will read, like and share the live blog.

A live blog post with regard to a lengthy event can go well beyond 24 hours.   This would be in the case of a political event or electoral campaign. In this case the live blog can be ended after the 24 hour period and restarted with a new live blog post after a suitable time period.

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  1. Jack Roy

    March 15, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Great information Sara ! Thanks for sharing this. In fact, we can implement this in WordPress also. Live Blogging is a great plugin that will help us to create a single post that can then be updated live. Updates are automatically marked with the time, and display in reverse-chronological order.

  2. aziz

    June 29, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    nice article,well written,appreciated work,informative and useful article.Thank for sharing.

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