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The Best Tech News Apps for iOS & Android in 2020+

Smartphones have become centers of information aggregation. Everything we need is right at our fingertips. This allowed us to always be aware of the events taking place in the world more than ever before.

Today, there is an unprecedented number of technology news apps that help us find news tailored for us.

However, sometimes having too many options can be just as bad as not having them at all. It becomes difficult to choose from the many options available and trying to find a bunch of apps for technology news to find one that suits your specific needs is just time-consuming work.

But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work and picked the best tech news apps for you.

Best Tech News Apps for iPhone

The possibilities of being informed about what is happening in the world of technologies are endless, and of course, having multiple technology news apps makes this task much easier.


TechCrunch is the editorial equivalent of technology, similar to BBC News and The Washington Post. This means that you will only find quality content here. In addition to new devices, top bitcoin wallets, apps, and games, you can also find news about startups here. In fact, this is a place to learn about everything related to technology.

Price: Free.


Medium is a news resource that contains a huge amount of information about all new products, hot topics, and technologies as well. You will have access not only to the news of the world of technology but also to people’s opinions about certain developments, which is very valuable in the modern world.

To note, almost every leading software development company like MLSDev has its own account on Medium and shares the latest insight about technologies, app development, and so on.

Price: Free.


Inshorts collects news from various sources, and you can even choose the topics that interest you the most. Another great feature in the mobile app technology news is the categorization of news articles by various filters such as All News, Trends, Top Stories, etc.

If you find a news article you are interested in but cannot read at that very moment, you can easily add it to the app. The item will then be saved to the bookmarks section of the app for you to review at your leisure.

Price: Free.


Techmeme is a technology news aggregator site. It covers top technology stories from a variety of trusted sources such as TechCrunch, Wired, The New York Times, and more, and features the latest technology news, sponsored posts, job openings, and upcoming tech events on the homepage.

Price: Free.

Tech News App – Tube

Tech News Tube is a simple app that lets you subscribe to different good tech news sites and deliver their content through this app. It’s a fairly simple application, but it works well when it comes to extracting feeds. One of the unique features of the app is that it not only shows you the written content of the articles but also shows you all the audio content published on the sites you follow.

Price: Free.


CNET is a computer technology website with news, articles, blogs, reviews, and podcasts of various technologies and appliances.

The website publishes reviews of new technology products, various guides, and the latest news from the world of technology: most articles, especially reviews, describe specific products and technologies that are used in them.

Price: Free.

Apple News

Most iPhone, iPad, and Mac users already have a great resource for accurate information about their devices: Apple News. You can see important news updates from various sources on various topics in the app, including tech news.

Price: Free.

Best Tech News Apps for Android

We looked at the most interesting options for iPhone users, now we offer you a list of the best Android news apps.


Allows you to compose “magazines” with links to the materials you like, invite co-authors to them and share texts with friends.

The tech news app has many articles on programming, business, finance, and more. With Flipboard, you can read both the material of specific media and the opinions of individual influential people. The display of content, including the font, is configured individually in the application.

Flipboard syncs with Instapaper, Pocket, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Price: Free.


Instead of acting as an intermediary for existing online news channels, Newsy creates its own content. Main topics: world news, politics, science and health, entertainment, technology, business, and sports.

The company takes a concise approach to news – you won’t find lengthy investigations or in-depth analysis. It just takes the biggest headlines of each day and breaks them down into digestible chunks for two to three minutes.

Price: Free.

Hacker News

Today Hacker News is one of the most popular resources for software engineers. Used correctly, it displays a variety of community opinions on different topics, including day trading signals.

The creators of the site had a goal – to open something similar to Reddit, but with technological topics. And today, tens of thousands of people post links to technology news and startups to share and discuss.

Price: Free.


Beebom tech news app is the best way to read all the tech news that matters. Find out what’s happening in the tech space around the world, and watch exclusive technology videos and personalize the news feed according to your interests.

Price: Free.

Appy Geek

The Appy Geek tech news app has a built-in directory of the most popular mobile and tech news sites in general. The program allows you to conveniently read news, articles, and reviews from the best technological resources without going to their sites from the application.

Appy Geek notifies the user in a timely manner about fresh materials, and gradually learns to determine the user’s preferences.

Price: Free.

Findups Daily for Tech News

This is a young tech site that will keep you updated on new gadgets, smartphones, laptops, and so on. It aggregates content from popular sites like Tech Radar, ZDNet, and more, and takes your preferences and interests into account when submitting content.

Price: Free.

Google News

Google News is a powerful news aggregator powered by Google’s sophisticated search technologies, AI, and the user’s own search history. By default, it shows the most popular news based on your geographic location. It offers the latest news and updates for local, regional, international, business, technology, entertainment, sports, scientific and medical news.

Technology News Apps: Extra Tips for Effectiveness

Keeping track of news and articles just got easier with a range of free technology news apps available for iOS and Android. And these top news apps let you get the updates you care about effortlessly.

If you love to read tech news and have a lot of different sources, you may use the Pocket app and EverNote app to organize all the information you plan to read.

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