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Tesla Solar Roof: What to Expect from this Sustainable Tech

The future of humanity seems dark and depressing, given the large-scale climatic destruction and the ongoing slaughter of nature to make space for concrete. Every minute action gives off a major environmental reaction. For instance, whenever you plug in an electrical device at your home or workplace, you pollute the atmosphere with carbon emissions. The power plants, which supply electrical energy to your devices, eat and expel dangerous
deposits in the air, sickening the planet to its core. Tesla has taken a reconstructive step in this matter by introducing an advanced and eco-friendly “Solar Roof” technology to the market—a venture that’s still in production, and that
by its end, will turn out to be our great redeemer. First, let’s see what we can expect to achieve by investing in this tech below.

Zero-Carbon Energy

One of the best things about Elon Musk’s Solar Roof tech is that it leaves a zero carbon footprint in its wake. The panels directly absorb the sun’s rays, converting them into green energy and using it to power up the consumer appliances and whatnot. In other words, the environment remains unharmed in every possible way. This is exactly what our planet needs at present in order to subvert the greater climatic threat and take us into a safe +
sustainable future.

Instead of fossil fuels or other carbon-based energy-generating methods, Tesla Solar Roof relies on powerful
‘Building-Integrated Photovoltaics’ or sophisticated solar-capturing cells in its elementary design. These cells are embedded into the roof’s shingles to utilize the solar resource in the best way possible. Once collected, the
sun-sourced energy is transferred to a Tesla ‘Powerwall’ battery, which then, powers everything from a blender to a car in a home.

Real-Time Monitoring via Smartphone App

Knowing the ins and outs of the energy patterns in a home is crucial for controlling its usage. Conveniently, for us, Tesla’s smartphone app helps a lot by detecting and tracking the energy production & consumption rate in a house—per watt, per room, per appliance and per solar cell. It feeds this information to you through a simple interface, so you can easily see how much energy does your blender require and what dollar-eating appliance is unnecessarily usurping the produced power, etc. Simply download the app over your internet connection,
and gain a quick lead in the energy sustainability game.

Uniform Aesthetic

More often than not, people shy away from installing solar panels on their roofs because they think it will ruin the outer-look or the ‘face’ of their homes. After all, a house’s exterior plays quite an important role in formulating an inhabitant’s reputation. Well, lucky for you, Musk offers a revolutionary solution. The Tesla Solar Roof is anything but a separate module ridiculously installed on your property—a sore sight for design connoisseurs! Instead, the solar cells are embedded inside each individual shingle of the roof. So much so that it becomes difficult to distinguish
whether the solar cells are even there in the first place. Such is the seamlessness which Tesla brings to you and you only.

This sort of a stylistic uniformity gives birth to an interesting aesthetic harmony. Speaking of aesthetics, these Solar Roof tiles are of four types: Plain Glass, Tuscan, Textured, and Slate. You can choose the design you like, and take advantage of the sustainable benefit without compromising your home’s outer look.

Weather Resistance

Take your usual solar tile and the improved Tesla tile and put them up for a side-by-side durability analysis. What you’ll find is that the Tesla panel comes on top with the highest test scores, because, according to Elon Musk, it is three times stronger than any clay or asphalt based tile. The tempered glass in its composition stands firm under the onslaught of hail, fail or heavy winds (as proven by UL, ANSI & ASTM), making it weather resistant and ideal for long-term usage.

Solar Roof Warranty

It is quite natural for consumers to feel hesitant while investing in new tech. Anything could go wrong, after all. No one wants to take any chances. That is why Tesla offers a 30-year power (output capability) + weather (elemental damage) warranty to its clients, overshadowing every other solar power competitor in the market. On top of this, a lifetime warranty covers physical tile damage, which majorly alleviates consumers’ fears, and inspires them to extend their trust in Tesla.

Modulated Price (Tesla’s Recommendation)

Solar Roof is a high-end, premium facility. Due to which, not everyone’s pockets can bear the burden of its price. That is why Tesla recommends its customers to avoid getting an all-solar roof, because it can get super expensive, given the current $42 per square foot rate. Instead, they could invest in a smart original (35%) + decoy (65%) shingle plan, and save bucks as a result. The decoys look exactly like the solar shingles, are easier to mould and are relatively less pricey as well, costing $11 per square foot.

Eco-Friendly Trendiness

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that Elon Musk—the innovator behind Tesla—is a proper trendsetter, with a 23 million-plus following on Twitter. What he proposes and opposes goes viral, and this wide-ranging influence can be felt across multiple sectors of society. His initiatives and dedication towards a sustainable environment cause have the potential to create space for a subject which usually escapes common parlance, i.e. climate change and the need to redress it.

Therefore, ‘Solar Roof’ is a move towards achieving a sustainable future for all, and should be invested in the right way. It’s a Tesla done right.

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