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How Technology Progression is Making IT Recruitment Difficult

Over the last decade, there have been so many advances in the world of technology that it has become a really difficult area for recruitment teams to cope with. The demand for IT specialists in all areas has increased due to the changes that have happened at a very quick rate. The introduction of cloud computing has resulted in a demand for experts who can perform tasks such as OpenStack Setup and installation and maintenance of other kinds of solutions.

You will probably have also seen the headlines regarding the number of cyber attacks that are now happening across the world. The government has pledged large amounts of money to deter cyber crime, but the increased risk of an attack has meant that more businesses need to invest heavily in protecting their systems and data from infiltration. High profile cyber attack cases include attacks on PayPal and Twitter, two global companies with huge teams and revenue to dedicate to cyber security. The fact that these companies could be penetrated has been a big wake-up call for other businesses who are now looking to shape their IT department more effectively by bringing in more cyber security professionals.

The biggest problem is that there simply aren’t enough experts to go around. As cyber security is a relatively new concept, there are a limited number of IT professionals that have specialized in this area. The education system can only work on the current demand, so by the time students go through college and university, the area of demand can switch significantly.

This situation is great for IT professionals who specialize in cyber security because it means they can command higher salaries, but for teams that are trying to recruit into these areas, they really have their work cut out. Some of the most in-demand jobs are currently within the IT sector and range from Information Systems Manager roles to Data Architect roles and Security Analysts.

Graduates leaving university who have studied IT now have a much better chance of employment and finding high paid roles. The progress that has been made in the area of technology looks set to continue for years to come. The world is becoming more and more digitalized, and you can see that many professions no longer exist due to technology changing the way that things are done. Many manual processes that required people to deliver are now automated by technology.

Call centers have either less demand or for some companies, have been eliminated altogether as services and advice have moved completely online. As the generations who are not as familiar with technology are gradually replaced with generations who know no other way of living, digitalization will be the norm.

For recruitment teams, the only way that they will be able to cope with this is through more appealing opportunities to train for the IT jobs that they are struggling to fill. Students will be encouraged to opt for more technology related subjects, as this becomes more of a problem.

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