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Sterling Truck Parts Dealer

In 2008, Daimler Trucks of North America made the decision to discontinue the sale of the Sterling brand of heavy, medium, and light-duty trucks. The good news is the support of technical questions, warranty questions, servicing, and parts continue to be offered by authorized Sterling dealers. Despite the company’s decision to discontinue the manufacturing and sale of their trucks, the brand remains popular among drivers in North America, particularly in the United States and Canada. Daimler Trucks’ decision only affected new truck sales.

Within the U.S., Sterling’s Set-Back A-Line truck, in particular, remains the preferred vehicle of choice for regional hauling. The truck offers a standard comfortable and spacious cab with superior visibility and maneuverability and handling. Set-Backs can be found with a wide variety of midrange and fuel efficient premium engines, which range from the economical MBE 4000 to the DDC Series 60, which offers an abundance of hauling power.

Set-Back A-Lines are also equipped with a full range of transmissions from Allison and Eaton Fuller, which include the 10 and 18-speed AutoShift. The simplicity and ease of these transmissions continue to make them favorites among companies who hire new drivers right out of school, in addition to assisting with overall engine performance. Available in day cab or sleeper options, Set-Backs are ready for work anytime their driver is, and their popularity is not expected to die out anytime soon.

Even though Daimler Trucks has decided not to manufacture new trucks in North America anymore, the brand remains committed to providing the highest quality of customer service to their loyal fan base for many years to come. For this reason, they work only with the best truck parts providers in the country.

A Sterling trucks parts dealer is more than just a dealer. Their dealers are considered partners – individuals who understand the trucking business, who are committed to making a trucker’s job easier, and who go where truckers go.

Currently, there are more than 340 authorized Sterling trucks parts dealers located strategically throughout Puerto Rico, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Through these authorized dealers, a Sterling truck owner can expect to receive technical expertise, inventory, system support, factory trained professionals, and service facilities who are dedicated to providing the professional level of customer service that Sterling owners and drivers have come to expect.

To locate the Sterling truck parts dealer nearest to you, you can visit the Sterling Trucks website.

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