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Comparing Mercedes AMG with Rolls Royce Cullinan

Modern SUVs were introduced with the primary vision to promote heavily built cars suitable for rough terrain and longer routes.

Modern SUVs were introduced with the primary vision to promote heavily built cars suitable for rough terrain and longer routes. They were supposed to be the ultimate luxury cars for long-distance traveling and phenomenal road performance.

The SUV market continues to rise, with new medium-sized and heavy-duty vehicles entering the market each year. Recent statistics suggest the global SUVs market revenue will stand at 503 billion dollars in 2022. Major reasons for their preference include:

  • High comfort
  • More than two passenger carrier
  • Perfect for Expeditions
  • Car and passenger safety

Are the Mercedes AMG and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan leading SUVs in the market? Not sure which one to rent? Consider our blog here. For car rentals in Vegas, contact us today!

The Mercedes AMG G63

Not long ago, the jeep design was all the hype in big vehicles. The AMG G63 brings you a strong body with all the ace characteristics of a comfy and tough SUV. The SUV exhibits immense control off-road and comes with multiple control options. The vehicle is known to not budge an inch on difficult terrain and wild pathways.

The Military Vehicle Vibe

The SUV is known for its G-Wagen body and the military vibes it sends off as it glides. It uses a twin-turbocharged V8 engine full of dual valves, and the V configuration adds to the swift motion. The interiors of the car are equally impressive. It has a separate gadget panel for infotainment and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

The Speed

The SUV has a top speed of 149 MPH with a torque of around 627 lb-ft. Most drivers find no glitches off-road while the SUV steadily gains speed on rough pathways. The car’s brake system is well-equipped for speedy traveling. The SUV’s 20-inch wheels make it the perfect ride for larger groups. Not only is the car super luxurious, but it also comes with a wild range of multiple options.

While vacationing in Vegas, go for Ferrari rentals if you’re there if your partner, and opt for an SUV for a top-core high-speed valley experience.

Highly Customizable!

The reason why this SUV is so highly-priced is that it’s highly customizable! The interiors come with multiple temperature control options and glossy leather upholstery. The suspension damping is equally impressive and offers a true driving experience to passengers.

Is it good enough as a rental? Sure, yes! Luxury car rentals in Las Vegas do have a Mercedes AMG.

Exploring the Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Rolls Royce is luxury personified! It’s the luxury brand of your dreams with grand aesthetics and an exquisite driving experience! The SUV is made for all seasons and terrains with a toughened body capable of the deserts’ lows and the sharp north winds.

But is it better than the Mercedes AMG?


The mileage of a Cullinan is 6.6 kmpl, while that of the Mercedes AMG G63 is around 6.9 kmpl. The AMG model offers an increased speed and better mileage for an SUV.

Cullinan’s Incredible Safety Features

The car has numerous front, rear, and side airbags to absorb shock and keep the passengers safe. Its anti-lock braking system takes away the sudden jerks that hitting brakes induce. The car is meant to sustain the gliding on and off the road.

While the Cullinan model has great safety features, the Mercedes AMG G63 offers cool night vision facilities. The SUV uses the safe braking Distronic Plus technology that’s a cruise control adaptive gear found in the Mercedes Benz cars only. The technology is equipped with built-in radar technology to suggest ideal speed and brake estimations to drivers.


Rolls Royce cars are known for their exceptional luxury interiors. The interiors are undoubtedly more aesthetic than those of Mercedes Benz. Cullinan even comes with a personalized infotainment option for each passenger. Ask for a detailed tour at rental car locations in Las Vegas to check out the features of both SUVs.

Our Verdict!

Even when both cars are plush and some of the most exotic rental cars, the Mercedes AMG G63 is more suitable for rougher terrains than the Cullinan. If you prefer luxury, opt for the Rolls-Royce Cullinan for an adventurous trip to Las Vegas.

Whether renting a Mercedes AMG or a Lamborghini Urus, we can make leasing your favorite luxury and exotic cars a stress-free experience. Contact LVC Exotic Rentals for an exotic and luxury car rental service in Les Vegas. We offer Mustang rentals, McLaren rentals, and Rolls-Royce car rentals in Las Vegas at affordable prices.

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