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Steps to Take before Publishing Your Personal or Corporate Website

A website is crucial to all businesses that strive to be successful in 2019. A website has many things to offer a business such as a consumer perception, brand imaging, digital marketing, order taking, digital payment, communication, and the storage as well as the retrieval of information. So how does one build a website exactly?

A good start is deciding on your domain name, getting a host for web hosting by a digital marketing agency and deciding on the content for your website. For starters, a website template can be used to generate the skeleton of the website. When making a selection, there are a few aspects to consider that will help you turn the website into a success. The layout and template should fit the profiles of your consumers which in return also determines the style of website and direction of the business. There are a variety of templates which can be segregated into categories such as personal or corporate.

Templates are not standardised because the design and functionality may serve different purposes in various industries. The layout of websites can be formatted such that it can be either formal or informal. An example of a formal format could be displayed, for example, on a corporate website by a web design agency in Singapore and an informal format can be presented as blogs or an online photo album.

While all of these are huge considerations, there are other important steps should not be neglected. Effort and due diligence must be invested when creating websites that cater to others and not just yourself. Observation of current websites can reveal what is appealing or what is discouraged and looks bad. When considering aesthetics and design, it is important to factor in functionality in a website. Having good functionality means avoiding navigation links that causes confusion and good usage of the right color schemes as it affects the visibility of text. The template should be designed in a manner that is comfortable with your consumers. It is important to make a statement but concurrently make one that your consumers can relate to.

Once the functionality aspect of the website is set, it is time to look at the aesthetic aspect of the website. Colour coding should be used carefully that does not result in mismatch or strain on the eye. Hence, never choose a background or text color that diminishes the visibility of the words or content. A nice background theme or image should be aesthetically pleasing but more importantly, it must have relevance to your business. This includes complementing the colors and font used throughout the website as well as allowing consumers to relate to your business and the industry. Consistency is a key aspect which determines the style and direction of a good website. A good way of emphasizing consistency is to reduce the number of colors used and similarly play around with contrast to complement each aspect of the website. You can capitalize on using contrast to your benefit such as using white text on a black background. This reduces the strain and creates a gentle experience on the eyes as compared to the alternative. Last but not least, avoid cluttering your website as simplicity can be nice at the time, remember sometimes less is more.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. M. Hridoy

    October 11, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    Hi Rakshit!
    Thanks for your valuable suggestions. We should focused so many things for developed a responsive website that highly effect our business. Your handy tops will be very helpful for publishing a personal-or-corporate-website. Keep sharing your suggestions with us…

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