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Staying Productive On a Business Travel In 6 Ways

Fixed-location employees often envy those who get to travel all the time. Without a doubt, it is definitely one of the perks of those jobs that require regular business travel and meetings all over the world. However, the perk itself can also be a disadvantage.

If your plane has landed at the destination, you find yourself concerned about hotel booking, jet lag, lack of sleep, varying foods, cultural adjustment, internet connectivity and more. The lifestyle can be fun but also be overwhelming at the same time.  Add that to the fact that employers actually expect more from frequent travelers.

BTN says that “more than two thirds of surveyed corporate travel managers say that business travel has a positive impact on health and 71% indicated that it is positive for productivity”.

Yikes! Either these travel managers really want to keep traveling or they really know how to make it work for them. Here are a few advices and tips that will allow you to accomplish the latter.

1) Planning Planning and more Planning: If you’re always traveling and you want your productivity to be at its peak, one way to really make it work is by planning! You might think business travel is for the spontaneous flexible-types. The attitude may guarantee health and satisfaction with the job, but it doesn’t guarantee maximum productivity.

Stay ahead of your next business travel to be able to arrive on time and achieve the desired result. Plan exactly what you’ll need when you get there, how you will manage to carry out your tasks, and various other aspects of jobs.

2) Get to Know Your Destination: If most of your problems lie in the utterly new location and lack of adjustment, it would be better to research your destination before you head off. You shouldn’t have to spend hours looking at maps and or asking people for directions. In the digital age, there is barely anything we CAN’T do online. Research on your hotel, diners, coffee shops, stores, transportation options and other services that you will need when you get there beforehand.

3) Use Today’s Tools and Gadgets: You probably won’t need each and every single device you own. However, the ones that will assist you during your trip are indispensable. This includes your smartphone or tablet with the various applications options.

To get organized and stay productive, it would help a ton to make use of the To-Do lists, calendars, alarm clocks as per different time zones, and reminders your devices have to offer. This includes various other cloud-based applications such as Google Docs, Microsoft Cloud, Notes, etc.

4) Don’t Forget the Wifi: Internet connectivity is simply a need nowadays. For productivity purposes, it is best to stay connected all the time. This includes your flight time as well. Make sure the flight and hotel you book for providing internet service during the flight and stay. Work on your to-do lists while you are “en route”.

You can also try a Mifi device as a back-up. Or, you can create a wifi hotspot using your smartphone and data package plan. Some options may be expensive, but they could save you hours wasted in trying to look for a connection.

5) Get External Chargers: Ran out of battery? This is a major problem for travelers. You don’t want to waste your time in a completely new location looking for a socket or asking others if you could borrow their phone.

Look for on-the-go external charging options. A smart phone external charger can cost around $20-$30 dollars. But the once in a lifetime investment will certainly pay off. You can also opt for solar-powered charging options that make use of a charger that sticks to a window and lets the UV charge up your phone or device.

6) Stay Healthy: Frequent travelling comes with the cost of reduced sleep a relaxation time. If you want to stay productive, don’t skimp on your “me-time”. Eat healthy, work-out (check gym options), stay hydrated, find a pool, or just take a relaxing break. Let that boost your energy and revive your focus.

Esperanza Denise is a HR manager for a fresh new startup, dissertation heaven. She’s also into sketching, painting, designing and blogging, and she spends most of her time finding something new to do.

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