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What Your Smart City Will Look Like

From the bustling space lanes of Star Wars cities like Coruscant to the grimy neo-noir alleyways of blade runner, sci-fi has fantasized a lot about what the metropolis of the future could look like.

However, based on current advances in science, engineering and architecture, it is actually possible to see what the cities of tomorrow will have to offers us.

Solar Power Paint

On the cutting-edge of new materials produced by science, a graphene-based spray-on paint is very likely to be used to power our future homes. One atom thick, this device has photovoltaic properties, meaning it works a bit like a solar panel in harvesting the raw light energy of the sun. How effective this piece of tech will be during the winter aphelion where the planet moves its farthest away from the sun still remains a relevant question. Either way, this spray-on solar panel will definitely have beneficial effects in powering your homes for free whilst being eco-friendly and not depending on the combustion of fossil fuels.

Construction Exoskeletons

Whilst unable to rival the fictional Stark Industries’ Iron Man Suit, the military has developed an exoskeleton that will help construction workers lift heavy materials and equipment. It will, therefore, become a familiar sight to see the average site worker operate one of these suits to save them from injuries when lifting heavy objects and to perhaps protect these workers from falling debris and other industrial accidents that happen on construction sites.

Interactive Buildings

Another area of municipal innovation involves buildings that come equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) interfaces. These AI building will be interactive and voice-activated allowing you to control certain features of the building’s rooms, such as the lighting or the building’s thermostat. So you’ll no longer have to get out your seat to adjust the room temperature settings.

Drone Takeaway Deliveries

Ordering a pizza, Chinese or seafood takeaway will no longer be delivered by bike but flown in by drone. This promises a more speedy and a visually impressive delivery as the drone lands on your front lawn bearing food. One pizza restaurant and Amazon deliveries are already trying this futuristic method of dispatching goods by air to your front door.

Data Streaming Street Lamps

Far from your standard sodium street lamps the streets of the future will be lit by lighting that can effortlessly stream data between millions of intra-city devices. As well as being beneficial to domestic devices, these street lamps will monitor the streets and relay information about the road to the nearby sensors of onboard vehicles passing by to prevent collision accidents.

So there you have it. Technologies that will create the cities of the tomorrow.

What’s your favourite piece of futuristic metropolitan technology from this list and why?

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