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Six Tips for Staying Fit While Studying

Students can keep themselves fit without sacrificing their studies by doing their chores, eating right, cycling to school, playing a sport, doing some yoga, joining a gym, running, jogging, or walking at least five times a week.

Staying fit is important at all ages of life, more so when one is studying and is required to be at one’s peak of physical and mental abilities to cope up with the demands of modern education.

However, many students complain that their study pressure and the never ceasing assignments and projects leave them exhausted and sap all their time due to which they are unable to exercise and stay fit.

Students, however, should know that one does not need hours to stay fit and can integrate their own fitness regimen in their daily schedule and still can remain fit with oodles of energy to cope up with the academics and still enjoy life.

Some of the ways by which students can remain fit are listed below.

1. Jog, Run, Walk at least five times a week

Students aiming to remain fit can wake up early in the mornings and start their fitness regimen with a jog, run or brisk walk for at least 20 minutes for five times a week. These exercises are some of the best cardio workouts and they don’t cost any money at all. However, they must take safety precautions by doing these activities in a park or in a crime-free neighborhood where the traffic are less.

2. Join a Gym or a martial arts program

Students can also choose to get a gym membership or join any martial arts program such as kung fu, karate, judo, taekwondo, kickboxing, gymnastics, etc. By doing these, students will not only keep themselves fit but also learn the self-defense tactics that will help them to protect themselves in adverse situations. Going to a gym might cost you some money, but it will be worth the bucks after you see the development in your muscles and your confidence.

3. Cycle to school

If you are staying some miles away from your school, you can benefit a lot by keeping your motorized vehicle in your garage and cycle to your school instead. This will keep you fit and will reduce your carbon footprints. By cycling to school, you can bypass the maddening traffic, shed those extra kilos, and be an eco-friendly person.

4. Eat Right

Nothing substitutes a healthy diet. No matter how much you sweat it out in your leisure time, if you do not eat a right diet it will negate all your efforts and will bring you to square one. However, you also should not go overboard with a specific diet and should not crash diet either. Every nutrient has its own importance for your body and limiting one and bingeing on the rest will also not bring satisfactory results. You can eat everything in moderation and try to avoid junk foods as much as possible. In spite of being loaded with unhealthy and fattening ingredients, junk foods do not come cheap. Chucking those this will help you to save money.

5. Play a Sport or do some yoga

You can still play your favorite childhood sport with equal gusto and keep yourself fit, as long as the sport is played outdoors and not in the virtual world. You can try some yoga or tai chi and assess the results for yourself. Apart from keeping you fit, yoga and tai chi also acts as relaxant and antidepressant.

6. Do Your Chores Yourself

You can also remain fit by doing your own or household chores. Seemingly boring chores such as cleaning your room, mowing your lawn, doing your laundry, ironing your clothes, washing your car, taking the dog for a walk, require energy. You actually burn more calories than you think when you do these chores. Besides, these help you to remain disciplined, grounded, and active.

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Yvonne Sim is freelance private tutor since 2003. She completed her Masters from SIM University, Singapore. She writes daily and publishes articles to help people know about the trends of education and learning. She writes for MyPrivateTutor Singapore. She strives to positively influence the youth about how to make the most of education as well as co-carricular activities.



  1. Lex Reyes

    July 5, 2018 at 4:03 am

    Staying fit and getting time to workout is really needed, some say working out reduces your energy for the day but I disagree! start your day with a quick exercise and i can assure you that you’ll have more energy than you can imagine and feel motivated for the rest of the day

  2. Neil Dimapilis

    March 12, 2019 at 1:41 am

    working out especially in the morning gives me so much strength for the day

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