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Seven Productivity Apps to Be a Better Marketer

To be a good marketer means to be proactive, smart, and well-equipped. The world is changing and now you should work faster and manage your time better while staying mobile, cross-platform, and knowledgeable. Here is a set of tools that will be a good choice for any entrepreneur and marketer.


A smart file storing service with simple interface and geolocation. The app remembers where and when you made a note. It is the best connector between all your devices, such as phone, laptop, and tablet. You can quickly create a note, tag it, and share it. Moreover, Evernote is a kind of database, which stores everything you have ever saved. It also includes the Web Clipper and email-to-notes services that simplify the storing and retrieving of data.


This file sharing service includes awesome screenshot editing tools. The app lets you share screenshots with notes in just a few steps. Besides, the app provides the users with 10 GB of free storage space for data backup and storage.


If you need one master key to access different accounts, 1Password is the best option. This cross-platform app allows you to manage passwords for same accounts on different devices. You can also use the app to store your sensitive information, such as credit card and financial details, which can be switched in case of theft.


A webinar tool that monitors and analyzes the number of attendees and percentage of registered and attending users as well as tells you if an attendee’s attention is flagging. The tool has a chat where you can communicate with the attendees while conducting the webinar.


Combines all popular calendar tools in one and makes the planning process fun. On top of that, the app simplifies the rescheduling process of hectic plans with a set of reminders. Originally, it’s an expanded version of default MacOS calendar.


A grammar checking app and web extension tool that helps to write not only correctly but also in a proper way. It offers the words that will suit better in a sentence and provides the users with examples of word usage. A good marketer should never make any mistakes.


Web analytics browser extension and web tool that allows you to retrieve insights that are related to an individual web page or an app. You can get such data as approximate traffic channels, similar audience, and web rank.

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My name is Michael. I love everything related to technology, hardware and software. At the same time I love to write about travelling and share with readers life hacks. I love painting, extreme kinds of sport and alpinism.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MoBin

    December 7, 2016 at 11:54 am

    wow . I was looking for a free tool like SimilarWeb . that was useful . thank you!

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