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SEO Optimization on Amazon to Increase Sales

This article explains the importance of SEO optimization in Amazon to grow your business and achieve the success of your company.

If we talk about retail, it seems that Google is losing the battle against Amazon. More and more consumers prefer the Amazon search engine to make their purchases online. Google SERPs are no longer that tailor’s drawer that encompasses everything that exists in cyberspace. Yes, the era of specialized search engines has arrived, and that of Amazon is the one that is no longer going to buy. What does this mean for e-commerce?

SEO for Amazon and the battle of the search engines 

With the emergence of Amazon in the Game of Thrones of global e-commerce, electronic businesses have a new way to reach their potential customers. Now, in addition to positioning on Google, they will have to generate content to position themselves on Amazon. It seems the logical step to follow, taking into account that more and more Internet users are passing from Google to make their purchases, and even from the official websites of their preferred brands. There are surveys that talk about 90% of American consumers who use Amazon’s search engine to find out about the products they want to buy. They may end up shopping at another site but go through Amazon.

Why would someone look for a product outside their official website and then go to buy it on the site? The main reason that explains this trend is simple: it is more comfortable to navigate on Amazon. Not only do you get a summary and specific product information, but you can also compare the desired product with other similar offers, and get the opinion of a good number of buyers. It is something similar to what happens in supermarkets: it motivates much more to fill the shopping cart in the same place, instead of having to go from here to there in search of fruit, meat, bread, etc

Position yourself on Amazon to sell more

It is clear, you have to climb the beards of the king of the marketplaces so that they see you from any point in cyberspace. Obviously, visibility on Google is still necessary, but you also have to be on Amazon. You could say that you do not exist if you are not on Google and that you do not sell if you are not on Amazon. This forces electronic businesses to write SEO optimized content for both Internet giants.

SEO on Amazon to gain visibility

As much as Amazon is emerging as the preferred option among consumers when looking for products of all kinds, it is still difficult to change the chip. Taking advantage of the potential traffic offered by the Amazon search engine seems complicated. In the absence of an official ‘Amazon SEO Tool’ at the height of Google’s tools, we must consider a comprehensive strategy focused on the product and content. If you don’t understand the fundamentals of SEO, it is always better to search for a reputable Amazon SEO Consultant that is trained to write SEO optimized content for Amazon. This is essential considering the fact that product descriptions are key determining factors in positioning and it does require some skill to get it right in the face of increasing competition.

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