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Security Technology Importance Rising

According to Forrester Research, configuration auditing will be the No. 1 security technology within the next three to five years. It is believed that since there is an increasing number of data and security breaches, configuration auditing systems will have a much greater exposure and presence in this projected time frame.

The research firm stated that these systems “have the potential to become ubiquitous in enterprise security organizations.”

Netwrix, an organization that is engaged in providing configuration auditing solutions, concurs with the report’s findings and its leadership has noted that too many companies are unaware of what is transpiring in their respective IT infrastructures.


“Configuration auditing of information systems is essential to maintain security, governance and compliance. Organisations must track changes to their IT environments to detect security violations, troubleshoot issues, prevent downtime and maintain compliance with security standards and industry regulations,” explained Aidan Simister, Country Manager (UK & Ireland) for Netwrix, in a statement.

“You need to be able to see who has access to what at any single point of time and to monitor who breaches data and resources – and just because a user has a right or permission does not mean they should be exercising it.”

Netwrix has the broadest platform coverage in the industry today and supports various platforms, devices and applications. It offers its clients award-winning auditing solutions at economical rates and with excellent customer service.

All solutions provided by Netwrix are based on the premise that configuration auditing is a critical process for any organization and it helps maintain an entity’s security, governance and compliance requirements.

Configuration auditing is especially important for the IT infrastructure as it helps companies keep track of changes to their IT environments and to assess their system configuration in order to identify and prevent security violations. Netwrix also enables companies to troubleshoot issues, comply with security standards and industry regulations and prevent downtimes.

Netwrix offers auditing services for major platforms and applications. It has also partnered up with Microsoft and VMware to ensure delivery of the highest quality products to its clients. The private firm offers freeware editions of most of its products. While these freeware editions do not present complete features, they are sufficient to provide companies around the globe the option to implement these solutions at zero-cost. At the same time, the company has its standard/enterprise editions for clients who wish to implement the comprehensive solutions.

Among the key products offered by Netwrix include its Netwrix Auditor, Netwrix Identity Management Suite and Netwrix All-in-One Suite. In addition, the company gives Netwrix Password Manager and Freeware Tools. Netwrix has tens of thousands of customers using its freeware editions as well as thousands who purchase its standard/enterprise editions. Netwrix is known for providing value in various industrial segments and the products are easy to use and configure and enable companies to streamline their IT systems.

The Netwrix Auditor assesses a company’s IT system 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The program is always actively detecting, capturing and consolidating audit data and closely monitors any changes that occur in the system.

The Netwrix Identity Management Suite provides identifying management solutions that help organizations solve their password management and identity lifecycle management issues.

The Netwrix All-in-One Suite combines all the Netwrix products together and is a cost-effective package for organizations that are interested in improving the effective security and compliance of their IT system. Users who purchase this product have access to all Netwrix configuration auditing, identity management and compliance products.

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