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What is Any Search Virus and How to Remove it From Mac?

Probably you heard about browser hijackers – these are hackers’ software that can change the search engine of the browser and start redirecting it to some other site you haven’t even typed. Any Search is one of the many hijackers you can get on the Mac. When it’s on the laptop or computer, a browser search will be redirecting constantly to Usually, the virus also displays adverts and tracks all the user’s searches on the device. Of course, it’s better to get rid of this problem because even if it seems not so big, it may cause damage to your data. In this article, you will read about Any Search virus and know the ways how to delete it from the computer easily.

As we already said, this hijacker changes the search engine and redirects all the searches on the Internet. Needless to say, it’s annoying but it also can damage some data on the computer drive, so it’s better to delete it as soon as you’ve started to suspect something is wrong. Maybe you heard many people say that Apple devices are fully protected from malware and you don’t need to do anything, but this is a myth. Apple devices can get viruses just like any other device.

Here are the common symptoms of Any Search virus when it appears on the device:

  • The homepage of the browser changes suddenly.
  • The search engine also changes without your actions.
  • When you try to search for something, all these searches redirect constantly.

All these things can happen when you’ve installed an extension for your browser that contains malicious software.

Why Is a Browser Keep Redirecting?

The browser redirects just because a hijacker is already installed on your Mac. It might happen when you’ve clicked on some ads or downloaded software that contained malicious software. When the virus gets on the device, it attacks its browser and makes changes constantly. Even if you’ll try to change any preferences of the browser, these odd things with redirecting keep continuing.

It’s a reason why you must pay enormous attention to programs you download, and never use suspicious websites to download any software. Use only well-trusted sites when you’re 100% sure they don’t contain any unpleasant surprises.

Of course, if you already got Any Search on the device, it’s possible to delete it. Just keep reading our short guide to know the main steps.

Deleting Any Search from the Mac

Please follow the steps we offer below to remove the hijacker from the device:

  1. Delete all suspicious profiles from the computer. Just open preferences and check out if some icons seem weird to you. Sometimes, malicious software creates new profiles you can recognize.
  2. Delete all malicious software from the device. Check out your folder with apps and see if there are any odd programs you haven’t installed. If yes, feel free to delete them, and then don’t forget to empty your trash folder.
  3. Use reliable antivirus software to delete all suspicious files. Sometimes, it’s not so easy to detect and delete viruses. You can use a trustworthy antivirus to clean up the Mac from viruses. Just download software from a reliable source, install it on the Mac, and scan your device.
  4. If you have several browsers, check out if all of them have the same problem with redirecting, and if yes, remove Any Search virus from them too.

As you see, it’s simple and fast to get rid of suspicious programs, including Any Search that redirects your browser. You may navigate here to get more useful tips on removing this persistent virus from your device.

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