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Securing Website Checkouts Improves Conversions

Consumers will read your product descriptions with attention to detail, matching your words with pictures of products you provide.  They’ll want to know features, benefits and why owning your particular brand will instill betterment into their lives; therefore, writing clear product information, which includes the above pieces of information, is vital to retaining your customers and leading down towards your secure checkout pages.

Without clearly defined product information, you’ll pretty much place your products into the bargain bin simply because they’ll never sell.  Also, recommending companion products underneath each product description will assist the customer in comparison shopping, or adding items which would enhance one particular product.  Here Techsling offers professional advice on quickly analyzing site metrics for better ecommerce experience.

Leverage Analytics For Better Performing Checkouts

Those who appreciate the level of consistency and reporting detail which Google Analytics delivers know that having accurate analytical tracking codes on secure checkout pages could tell webmasters plenty about how long customers are spending on pages leading up to your checkout pages, how long they contemplate purchasing and where they go next after leaving your business.  These small pieces of data could help do any of the following for your business:

  • Write better checkout page content
  • Offer coupons on pre-checkout pages whereas before you didn’t
  • Describe more features and benefits of owning your products which could be customized per product.  Many people leave their shopping carts full because of pre-purchase fears which your business must pacify if they intend on making the sale.
  • Gauge whether your competition is the next destination so you can peek into their business model and optimize your offerings accordingly.
  • Help you, for example, when freelance cause and effect writing sales pitches.

With each secure checkout page optimized for Google Analytics, marketing professionals you employ, or outsource to, could assist in writing better ad copy to place on pages frequently ‘bounced’.

Cut Down On Checkout Steps

One annoying facet of online shopping is having to go through 20 steps to purchase 1 or 2 things; it’s needless, wastes time and potentially causes customer disinterest which, of course, means ditched checkouts.  If customer information is necessary for future marketing, you’ll better service the public by offering the product purchase and customer information capture on single pages; should you want them saving their personal information, include a checkbox just above the ‘buy’ button; this will cut down on extra unneeded checkout pages and possibly save your sales.  Never forget your trusted SSL seals, and secure every page of your site if running small 1 page checkouts so your customers will trust your security implementations and have speedy buy-and-fly experiences at your business.

Offer Live Chat During Checkout

Another method to pacify purchasing fears, security questions and anything else related to clicking that final purchase button could be easily addressed by using live chat agents located right at checkout screen.  When customer begins the process of entering payment information, perhaps a sidebar could popup, or even a small chat dialogue could appear right above the checkout area to assist the customer in finalizing their purchase.  This could increase sales by 15-25%, as some studies suggest, simply because someone is available to discuss the encryption technology used and other relevant pieces of information which customers deem necessary to feeling better about buying from foreign sources.  Instead of buying from abroad, tell local vendors to start hiring again.

Continuously Test And Improve

The largest part of creating optimal shopping carts which are both secure and convertible is continual testing, tweaking and improving positions of checkout boxes, content and making sure your Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster codes are collecting the information as necessary.  With newer tools recently made available by Google, your business could easily make implementing all codes simplistic. Here is how this could occur:

  • Utilizing Google Tag manager, collect every analytical code or anything else traceable, and create your Google Tag account which would automatically correlate your Analytics and Webmaster Tools ID’s as well.
  • Start a new container and dump all codes into this container.
  • Generate your singular tracking code, and make sure to place it on every page of your site.
  • Using your natural GA charts and graphs, view how all code is working with each other, tracking all visitors to your site and gauging entry/exit times for improving quality of checkout pages.

With Google’s Tag Manager, you could easily see how people are reacting to secure pages, whether content is being engaged and if you need more eye-catching codes on your site.  Webmasters could also make sure that all analytical coding works seamlessly together without causing excessive page load issues.


One of the scariest situations potential customers will face revolves around the veracity and cleanliness of your secure checkout pages and whether you deploy industry-standard encryption to indemnify their personal information.  Businesses fear shopping carts will be ditched in lieu of better offers elsewhere. To assure that both consumer and business has rewarding experiences, constant testing of analytical devices, content and sales capture pages will be necessary to avoid unneeded conflicts and to protect the interests of your consumers.

While many businesses have developed relationships with third-party payment processors, having your own in-house processing schema develops separation from your competition yet must adhere to HTTPS standards of secure transactions.

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Posted by Greg Henderson, an Internet Marketer and SEO Associate for a cell phone lookup site, and an find an email address site

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mary

    January 20, 2013 at 11:10 am

    Thanks Greg, after review of my site, I have found that I am guilty to not following a clean checkout experience. I need to have a better understanding of what information the customer is willing to share.

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