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The Impact of eCommerce Apps on Consumer Behavior

Most consumers use mobile devices to make purchases from online stores. To attract customers, online stores have to adapt to consumers’ mobile devices. This allows them to expand their eCommerce app business. Let’s figure out how high-quality and understandable applications can help increase sales.

Definition of eCommerce applications and their types

Ecommerce applications are software applications that enable consumers to browse various products and make purchases from online stores. Such applications will be very convenient for both parties: stores will attract consumers in a particular electronic space, and buyers can meet their needs for purchasing the required goods and services.

There are some types of eCommerce applications:

  • B2C: business to consumer;
  • B2B: business to business;
  • C2C: consumer to consumer;
  • social commerce: distribution through social networks.

Ecommerce application functionality

Ecommerce applications have several functions without which the application, in principle, will not be in demand:

  • the ability to search for products and view them – this way, the buyer will quickly find the product he needs;
  • shopping cart – conveniently adding the product you like;
  • consumer support service – to resolve any issues that arise;
  • payment methods for goods – it is advisable to have several of them.

These functionalities ensure comfortable use of the service, leading to increased online store sales. If desired, any number of additional functions can be added to any financial application. Depending on the topic area, geolocation, and social status, applications can demonstrate different functionality. This is especially useful when the same application is used by many people with different needs. It is also possible to implement innovative solutions when developing financial applications. You can find out more information about how you can create and release a new banking application to the market by following the link:

Successful Business Applications

Let’s look at some of the best eCommerce apps designed for sellers.


This application provides the opportunity to apply powerful tools to expand and regulate your business. IOS and Android operating systems support it and include all the necessary functionality for convenient commerce. You can create your online store and promote your business using the SEO tools provided in the application. In addition, you can monitor the sale of goods and track payments made.

Simprosys Google Shopping Feed

The shopping feed allows you to increase the efficiency of multi-channel trading of an online store: the flow of content from your online store is automatically distributed through Facebook, Google Shopping, Pinterest, and other channels. It is also possible to carry out international trade with support for various foreign languages and currencies, adjustments, and direct links to place an order for a product.


Thanks to this application, you can personalize orders for products and increase trading efficiency. You can create a shopping cart that will be visualized as the entire site of your online store. Due to specific functions and tools, you can increase conversion, and the advertising board can be used for various announcements (promotions, discounts).

Successful Consumer Apps

Many eCommerce applications have also been developed for buyers, which will be convenient for online shopping.


This application allows you to learn about modern brands around the world. Android and iOS operating systems support it and its project pricing models are quite fair. In addition, there is access to the Shopify App Store. The application’s functionality allows you to place an order with one click and monitor applications and financial bonuses from the store. With the Shop app, you can watch your brand presence, manage your products, track analytics, and stay in touch with your customers.


Amazon is considered one of the most robust eCommerce applications in more than 100 countries worldwide. This application allows you to make purchases virtually in all existing categories. It is possible to use Shopify products for an individual Amazon online store. You can combine a supporter channel into a personal everyday business.


Even though this application is considered a social one, it can also be used to carry out commerce by displaying a video of a store and its products. A special tab lets you place orders and purchase goods in real-time.


Also, a type of social networking site that provides the opportunity to use commercial functions and purchase goods. You can bookmark the product you like, view it again, and purchase it in the application. Retail companies, having subscribed to Pinterest, can display catalogs of their products and create advertising to promote goods.

Facebook and Instagram

These social networks are viral in eCommerce and are not exclusively social. These applications allow you to add a store and gain relevant trading experience on social networks. You can set up an online store with a one-time connection and use trading, marketing, and inventory monitoring tools.


E-commerce applications provide the opportunity for sellers to show their products to the whole world and sell anywhere in the world, and allow buyers to find any product at an affordable price. Thoughtful functionality allows you to turn the user experience into an exciting journey, with a minimum of effort. Such real-time capabilities make these applications mega-popular, which only highlights their functionality and efficiency.

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