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Secure File Transfer – Enterprise Mobile Content Management

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Whether you are in a train, a tram, at the station, waiting for doctor’s appointment or shopping at a mall, you will find people around you busy with their mobile phones, while some are so deeply engrossed that you fear they might just bump into someone or something. This makes it so very apparent and gives you a clear idea of extent to which mobility has infiltrated our daily routines and has now become a necessity.

Mobile phones today, are not just used for entertainment and social networking, but the advantage of mobility has been leveraged by enterprises to enable their employees be productive while on the move and has become an integral part of the enterprise management strategy. BYOD i.e. the concept of bring your own devices has gained popularity in organizations and this has led to an increase in access and consumption of content via mobile devices.

Cloud computing and mobility are the two driving forces behind the next generation of capabilities in enterprise content management tools.

The key capabilities of a mobile enterprise application development include:

a) Access to documents via mobile devices
b) Synchronization of documents across multiple devices
c) And the ability to work with documents offline.

Many of the ECM tools today, provide a mobile web based application through which users can gain access to documents. This facility comes in handy, especially when these are no dedicated applications for the particular device in use; this is because these said documents can be accessed via a web browser from the mobile device.

The capabilities of applications can be designed according to needs ranging from vary basic read only copies to the more complex activities like editing documents, creation of work flows etc.

ECM Solutions

Cloud based file sharing is one of the biggest and brightest ideas ever that has immense contribution in enabling and promoting mobility and access to data while on the go. Google drive, drop box, etc enable cloud based file sharing, sync, offline work, and collaboration with enterprises. Document management tools are also increasingly being considered for relevant technology deployment for cloud file sharing and sync scenarios.

Key Features

Cross Platform Enterprise Application Development:

One of the key features of an all encompassing ECM mobile application is the number of devices it supports. Most of the ECM tools provide document sharing and other such ECM activities via enterprise application development that is natively designed for iPhone and iPad or for android based phones and tablets. Other provides dedicated applications for windows phone and some for blackberry devices.

File Sync and Offline Capabilities:

Enterprise mobility enables users to be productive even while on the go. Now these users might use various and multiple devices like palmtops, laptops, tablets and phones to stay connected and get the work done while they are on the move. It is important that an effective ECM tool is able to synchronize all the files across all these varied devices. Most of the ECM tools will provide you with a sync app for your desktop and laptop, which then synchronies your files from the cloud based storage device to your local device.

Sometimes when users keep using files at their locations, it creates too many versions and copies of the same file and things then do not remain manageable. Some tools offer selective sync, where user can decide precisely which folders to sync. Users can also decide if they want a bi directional or a one-way sync. This helps them mange their files in a better manner and reduce data redundancy and resulting confusions.

Before deciding upon a suitable enterprise mobility management and content management solution, it is important to analyze the requirements of your users (this segment might include your employees, customers etc.) and choose accordingly.

Chirag Shivalker is a Head of Technical Content Team at Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services. He has more than decade long experience in writing technology and trend analysis. Chirag is an expert in technology and technological trends along with business writing.

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Chirag Shivalker has been a highly-focused self-starter & is accustomed to fast pace, tight deadlines and multiple assignments. His diverse, professional and personal background & experience helps him understand the issues that challenge and drive, company’s talented writing and editing team members. His exceptional portfolio includes feature articles for trade and consumer publications, marketing collateral, press releases, and online content.

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