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Increasing Business Productivity with Smartphones and Tablet Devices

Mobility has transformed the way people now approach business. It has contributed positively to enhance work outcomes and improve productivity among employees.

Employees can work from anywhere, anytime. They can remain in-touch with their team members while travelling and can get work done from a distance also. Mobility has opened fresh new possibilities and enabled businesses to extend their reach.

A research conducted by Sage North America showed that –

  • 83% accepted that mobile technology has proved to be beneficial for business.

  • 78% agreed that employees use mobile devices to access work-related information.

As a matter of fact, smartphones and tablets have contributed to workplace efficiency and have enabled employees to be positively oriented to achieve work related targets. Indeed, there is a wide range of mobile applications available for different uses and varied industries. Users therefore, enjoy using innovative mobile apps on their smartphones for work and entertainment purposes as shown by the benefits of mobility for businesses highlighted below.

Benefits of Mobility for Businesses

  • Mobility gives all-time access to information and enables to surf internet and check email or download important documents. It is the best mode of communication that provides great flexibility to remain connected to team members all the time.

  • Most organizations support the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend to enable employees function in the most productive way thereby contributing to workplace efficiency and enabled employees to achieve their work related goals.

  • The use of mobile devices and tablets enhance productivity at work. It is easy to carry a mobile device compared to a laptop. The sleek design and layout of a mobile device or a tablet enables the users to travel with it anywhere. It also turns out to be quicker than other devices, enabling to complete work faster. This enhances the overall work output, and enables to achieve work targets.

  • It is a successful sales tool. Sales representatives can effectively showcase the company’s products and offerings on the tablet device. It is used to conduct presentations attractively to impress clients and make a remarkable impact on them. It enables to boost sales and expand the client base.

  • Mobility enables employees to plan their work day well in-advance. Empowering employees with mobile technology enables them to know their priorities and organize effectively. It provides a feel good factor and enables them to deliver more value.

  • Mobility enables improved communication between employees and provides a boost to achieve the best possible results. Furthermore, it increases workers’ satisfaction and mobility is gaining more prominence in every sector.

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