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5 of the Best Android Apps for Aged Parents

By the age of 60, it is a common scenario to experience changes in our body. Some aged people will suffer from major illnesses, such as memory impairment and hearing loss. Lucky you if you just encounter minor malady like arthritis. Nonetheless, diseases can highly affect your senior’s mobility. That is why, most aged people specially our parents opt to stay at home where they usually get bored in the long run. But with the latest mobile technology today, staying at home will never be a boring experience. Download the most suitable Android apps on your parents’ phone to keep them busy.

The following are five of the best applications for your old folks:

  • Audio Book – Aging – Getting wrinkled skin when we get old is as natural as breathing. This Android app can help educate your parents about so many things related to aging specifically skin wrinkles. Senior moms will surely enjoy using this app, considering that women are more concern about aesthetics. One important thing your senior will learn from this app is how to grow old with such grace. Additionally, it tackles several health issues of elderly people. And the best thing about this Android offering is being audio – which means no more reading. Your senior will just listen to it.

  • BIG Launcher – Smart phones of today come in varied styles. Some have big screen, others have smaller screen. We cannot deny the fact that as we get old, our vision tends to deteriorate. This is why, BIG launcher is perfect for your aged parents. It is a simple phone interface – an uncomplicated one – that allows the user to use the device with great ease. The app replaces the typical icon-filled home screen with simpler, easy-to-read interface. Seniors will not have to squint just to see clearly what is on the screen. Indeed, the app is ideally suited for elderly who are visually impaired.

  • Activities for Seniors – The best way to keep our aged parents healthy is by flexing those muscles (in addition to a healthy diet). This Android app can help keep your seniors physically active. Packed with varied information about fitness program designed for seniors, surely, it is your old folks’ daily dose of regular exercise source. The app contains useful info covering the top activities for seniors, benefits of exercises and a lot more.

  • Home Remedies – The truth is – majority of older people are fond of natural remedies. Why not? Aside from using natural ingredients, it is a money-saying practice. Seniors will enjoy reading this Android application as it contains various information concerning home remedies. It includes complete guides to natural treatments for common diseases, such as cough, acne, blisters, allergies and nosebleed, to name a few. Home remedies app comprises of ailment overview, natural remedies (herbs, fruits, veggies and spices) and step-by-step instructions. Who knows, you might need their help when you encounter any of these ailments.

  • Citizens Bank Mobile – If your aged parents finds it hard to visit the bank, this Android app is the answer. Citizens Bank application allows your senior to do bank transactions via her/her smart phone. Isn’t great? It offers great convenience to your aged parents. With the app, your parents can inquire balances, pay bills and transfer funds anywhere, anytime. Gone are the days when your senior have to be in a long queue just to transfer money. With this application, your senior can do several transaction with just a few tap of the screen.

There are so many other Android applications designed to help senior citizens. In addition to alert device, like the medical guardian, a mobile phone with Android apps is very useful to aged parents. Do not worry, these applications will not hurt your budget. Most of the apps mentioned above are downloadable for free! Seniors can enjoy the apps no matter where they are.

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