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When Is The Right Time To Go Online?

Have you wondered why are there enormous articles stating the significance of ecommerce for retailers? Why do marketers insist on having an online store? It is because of the success ratio that ecommerce has shown in building major brands. In the year 1979, Michael Aldrich, an entrepreneur and innovator invented online shopping, and then there was no looking back. Well-known names grabbed the opportunity and set an example for the world. In the year 1994, Pizza Hut started offering Pizzas online. In 1995, Amazon started selling books online. We all have witnessed their success story.

A recent study shows that of the entire population online, 80% use internet to purchase something.  The numbers suggest that retailers should grab their seat online without wasting any more minute. Why? Here are the reasons:

  • 73% of shoppers say that they prefer online shopping because it saves them a lot of time. They can utilize the saved time with their spouse, their children, and to pamper themselves.
  • 67% people think that choosing online shopping over physical shopping provides them a wider pool to choose from.
  • 59% shoppers prefer online stores because they can compare prices easily. Comparison gives them the assurance of choosing the product at the best price.
  • 58% people feel online shopping is way better because they do not have to deal with a noisy and annoying crowd.
  • 55% people say they get products online at lower prices. That saves a lot of money while shopping online.
  • 40% shoppers choose online shopping just because it saves them fuel. Definitely there are better alternatives to burn fuel when shopping can be done sitting at home in their favorite pyjamas.

Now you would easily agree that online presence is a cream you should never miss on to. But how should we go about it? Where to start from? That would be the next question in most of you’ all’s mind.

Here’s the list:

  1. Create your Niche:

Just as you have a target audience for your physical store, create a niche market for your online store as well – Those people who would love to buy your products.

  1. Choose the right Platform:

There are dozens of platforms available to build an online eCommerce shop. Shopify and Magento are top on the list but what holds the key is choosing it wisely depending upon your needs.

  1. Set up your Store:

Get all your details together, the way you would do in a physical store, and set up your store the way you want to- type of products, colors, themes, etc.

  1. Set up Payment Gateway:

This would connect your shopping cart and your merchant account. Make sure you choose a compatible one.

  1. Select a Merchant Account:

Your account would transact the payment procedures from the card that is used to pay, to your bank account.

All these steps are quite simple and could be done by anyone. Just the gist is to give what customers are looking for.

I am ManpreetKaur Suchariya, a fresh Management-Communication graduate. I am currently working with Attensa Software, a UK based web firm, as a Marketing Executive. Clay modelling is my free-time love. Want to make this world a better place to live. How? Still exploring.

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