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Quintessential Guide for Dressing Up for your Next Job Interview

For a lot of individuals out there, clothing is just a matter of habit. However, recent insights depict an altogether different pattern. There is much more at stake when it comes to dressing for a job interview. As per two published surveys, people make a judgment on fellow individuals in just three seconds. If someone is dressed right, others would usually assume that they are a confident and high earner. There is no point in denying the fact that a first impression is always a form of nonverbal communication. One must still be ready for snap judgments and should be prepared to turn them into their stride no matter what is the situation.

Dress for success in your next job interview

As if job interviews were not anxious stressful enough, there is also the anxiety of determining what to wear. We all are aware of the fact that when it comes to job interviews, first impressions are always crucial. In the first 1 minute of conversation with someone, your brain is already making assumptions and decisions about the character of the person sitting opposite you. It is interesting to note that LinkedIn career expert Nicole Williams is of the opinion that in job interviews, the way you dress makes a statement even before you have opened your mouth. Interestingly, it has become more difficult nowadays to tell if a company still abides by a business formal dress code or has opted for business casuals. Here is the list of tips which would always help you to dress up for your next job interview.

Always opt for a traditional look

In a job interview, it is best to choose for a classic look when compared to an outlandish one. Whether you are appearing in a job interview for a top executive position or a job which would require endless desk work hours, distracting outfits are a strict no-no in job interviews. On the other side, in a majority of the cases, it does instill some sense to select simple styles to impress the recruiter. Black color can also do wonders for you in interview attire, but always make sure that you wear contrasting colors along with it to avoid messiness. A different colored outfit would also help you to symbolize vibrancy subtly.

Dress for the job you want

It is a commonly observed fact in various industries that a lot of hiring managers recommend using one or two levels up from the position which you are seeking. The main point behind this would be to make sure that you are serious about the job position which always cares about casting a good impression.

Select the accessories with care

A job interview is not the best time to opt for glossy fingernail paints and trendy jewelry. It is worth noting that the accessories which you would carry to your office should be inconspicuous, professional and understated. Do not show bare legs and avoid those strong perfumes. Accessorize straightforwardly to hog all the limelight.


Your cleanliness is next to employability

It is a widely accepted fact that clean and pressed clothes always play a crucial role in ensuring that you can impress the recruiter. However, apart from clean and pressed clothes, there are other aspects which you have to take care of to crack the job interview. Have cleaned and polished shoes to cast a good impression. Apart from shoes, cleanliness in the form of well-brushed teeth and good breath are also trademarks of success in a job interview.

Always stay updated with the latest fashion trends

For men, blazers can work wonders in a job interview. However, still make sure that you opt for the latest trends in the world of suits and ties. The same is applicable for women’s suits and dress-shirt patterns. You can also ask a personal stylist to recommend you tips to dress up appropriately in a job interview.  

If you are in caught in two minds, always clarify

In case you are found in the predicament of selecting the right interview apparel, it is still advisable to call the company and ask them for their guidance. However, during the call, you should not disturb the hiring manager. It is good if you contact the human resources manager and ask them for their advice and inputs. In this manner, you would be in a clear mind on what are the items which you should take into account while dressing up for the job interview.

The need for common sense and good judgment

It is important to note that your common sense and experience should always prevail in a particular job interview. If you are well aware of the fact that wearing a tie for a job interview is not the best thing to do, then do not do it. The same condition applies to a business formal suit. Always make sure that you are not stubborn in your point of view while dressing for a job interview. This is the time to ensure that your appearance does not distract the recruiter. This can also be detrimental to the progress of a job interview.

Set aside some time for a final lookover

It is always advisable to set some time aside for a last look over in the mirror. Slip into the restroom and make sure that you are dressed to secure a place in the company. 

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