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5 Ways to Connect with Potential Employers Online

The six handshakes rule tells that you must have five people to reach the person you need. In other words, the job of your dream is closer than you think. Nowadays, you don’t have to wait in long queues to get to the recruiter’s office. All because reaching a hiring manager is possible online. How can a job hunter like you contact potential employers online? Check the tips in the article below.

How to Contact an Employer Online?

The major part of the modern job search happens online. Sure, word of mouth might help your resume land on the recruiter’s desk. However, such situations are rare. Most often, a person must apply for the job position through a job-searching platform in order to impress the employer. If you haven’t got enough accomplishments or work experience, you can contact cv service and polish your CV. After composing a job-winning resume, start searching for job-hunting platforms.

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Once you find the employer’s contacts on LinkedIn and other social media, reach them. Make sure to follow the rules of chatting with a potential employer online:

  • Keep your message straight to the point. In fact, you might think of your message to the employer as a cover letter. Write down the reason you’re writing and tell why you’re a good fit for the job;
  • Mention your job experience. If you’ve ever worked with similar projects like the ones in the job ad, mention it;
  • Be simple. Write down a small introductory message on the reason you’re writing. Attach your CV and cover letter.

Which exact platforms will help you reach out to the employer? Keep reading.

#1: LinkedIn

The top place for meeting with new people and getting engaged with new projects. Whether you’re an entry-level specialist or a professional, there will always be a job opportunity for you. An employer might contact you themselves or you might send them your resume. Contacting an employer on LinkedIn is easy. All you need to do is message or call them directly. How to increase your chances of getting a response from the recruiter?

  • Compose a great skills section. Your employer will pay tremendous attention to your hard and soft skills;
  • A professional-looking photo. Make sure your photo is presentable and resume-appropriate;
  • Follow the companies you want to work for. By doing so, you’ll be the first to get the new job proposal from the company’s recruiters.

#2: Twitter

Yeap, Twitter isn’t only the place for long discussion threads and memes. This is a place where you can present the best of your personality and land a job. Sure, Twitter is less formal than Facebook or LinkedIn. This is a thing that makes Twitter a great place for creative individuals. You can befriend people with the same interests and from the same industry. Doesn’t it sound like a place with tons of career opportunities?

A few more tips for attracting potential employers:

  • Use thematic hashtags. They are a direct way to your Twitter page;
  • Follow a company or people working there. Most companies have a Twitter page, yet following your dream company on Twitter won’t be a problem.

#3: Facebook

Five years ago, Facebook introduced a job board feature that opened new career opportunities to job seekers. Due to a job board, a company can post a job, and an applicant can reply to the job ad. If you are not a fan of Facebook, contact a linkedin resume service to get a LinkedIn profile that gets jobs. Otherwise, check the tips on how to use your Facebook page to the fullest.

  • Check your privacy settings. Make sure a potential employer can message you directly;
  • Think twice before posting. Are you sure an employer wants to see the photos from your last vacation?
  • Create a Facebook resume. Focus on your skills and use the Projects section to describe your recent success.

#4: Instagram

Instagram is certainly not the first job-searching platform that comes to one’s mind. Sure, most people use Instagram for posting photos that give a glimpse of their personal life. However, one can use Instagram to showcase their talents and qualification too. How to persuade the recruiter you’re worth getting a job?

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  • It’s better if you create a separate job account on Instagram. Your potential employer doesn’t have to see your love for parting;
  • Instagram is perfect for creative freelancers. For instance, you’re a tattoo artist. By posting the photos of your works, you’ll attract new clients;
  • Don’t forget about hashtags. Keep them easy to remember and industry-related.

#5: Other Ways to Connect with an Employer

Any career advice expert will advise you to consider as many social media options as possible. Nonetheless, neglecting the good old ways minimizes your chances of landing an interview. How can you boost your chances of connecting with an employer online?

  • If you found the recruiter’s email online, you can contact them directly. This is a more effective way to engage in communication and get the job details;
  • Online application system. More companies implement online application systems nowadays. Why so? An online application system contains questions determined to define the applicant’s job experience and personality. Sometimes, you might not even need to send a separate resume;
  • Freelance platforms. Sites like Upwork and 99Designs allow the user to create a resume-looking account. There, you can list all your key skills and job experiences.

Final Thoughts

Invest in your career by becoming a social butterfly. Once you create a personal account, set up the account’s visibility to flip the odds in your favor. By creating a personal brand online, you’ll get more interviews. If you’re not a fan of Facebook and Twitter, try using freelance platforms and traditional email.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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